Bob Reina’s Approach to Changing Lives for the Better With Technology

One thing that can be said about Bob Reina among others is that he is a philanthropist. He has a desire to help plenty of people and change the world for the better. However, he thinks things through when he tries to help people. One of the things that he tries to help with is getting people to better places in their lives. The most important thing that he wants people to achieve is the ability to build their own lives. This is one of the reasons that he has looked to different directions in order to change lives for the better.


Bob Reina has looked out not only for the people who are poor and helpless, but also people who are taking risks to make their own lives better. Among the people he has looked to are aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the reasons that he has chosen the entrepreneur is that they are the ones that can bring forth jobs to people. When they succeed, then there is the chance that they can grow. Afterwards, they would be able to hire more people. This is perhaps one of Bob Reina’s goals. To help people by building companies and creating jobs.


One of his biggest achievements is Talk Fusion. This is his video marketing app which makes it easier for people to send video through email. This is something that experts have deemed impossible at some point and time. Therefore, Bob has decided to take the time needed to develop the product so that it can be delivered to entrepreneurs for use. The best thing about video marketing is that it can be a lot more effective than just using text marketing. Even text marketing with images is limited in how effective it can be at attracting customers.


Talk Fusion is even effective as a device for communication. One thing that has taken place is that the internet and computer devices have become the primary means of communication among many people. Therefore, it can help people to be able to not only hear but also see the people they are talking to. Learn more:


Creative Event Planning With Twenty Three Layers

Planning a party never fails to turn out as a complete failure without organization. When planning a successful party, the first thing to consider is the location of the party. Some people prefer to have house parties while others like to avoid the mess and possible damage. Hotels, restaurants, and other local venues are open to hosting parties.

Once you have selected your location, you have to start formally inviting people to the party. Be sure to explain the time and attire. Don’t send out invitations too close to the date. If you send the invitations out too late, no one will be able to attend your event. You can also require a toy or nonperishable item for entrance.

Decorations, music, and food can add a positive note and happy atmosphere to your party. Regular holiday decorations can serve as party decorations. A simple appetizer selection of cheese, fruit, and veggie platters offer a variety of things for your guests to enjoy. The music that is played at your party sets the tone for all of your guest. You have to make sure that whatever you decided to play caters to the variety of people that you have invited to your party. One of the best event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers.

Twenty Three Layer corporate event planners NYC is an event planning company. Jessica Boskoff founded Twenty Three Layers. Boskoff has more than ten years of planning experience. She created this company to help people who are good at planning successful events.Their creativity gives customers the most significant event results. They don’t just plan basic events they go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. They plan corporate events as well as personal events.

Twenty Three Layers has excellent relationships with the most popular venues in NYC. They make sure that your event has a beautiful venue, stellar catering service, entertainment and many other services that guarantee a successful event. Twenty Three Layers is a well-rounded company offering mind-blowing event planning. None of the other event planning companies NYC can compare to Twenty Three Layers.


Larkin and Lacey: The Good Left in Humanity

A recent article featured on, entitled “The Enduring Sins of Joe Arpaio: Newspapermen Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Speak Out in Response to Donald Trump’s Pardon of America’s Worst Sheriff” is discussing the life and crimes of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his standoff with Phoenix New Times creators Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Recently, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton publicly and formally validated the pardon issued for Arpaio by President Donald Trump.

While many were shocked at Trump’s decision to pardon Arpaio, Lacey explains that he could see it coming. While Lacey doesn’t want to give “America’s Worst Sheriff” credit for anything, he is a political animal and he knows how to protect himself.

Lacey thinks that Arpaio foresaw his slow fall from grace and threw his support behind Trump for president to create a powerful ally. When Trump issued a pardon for the former sheriff, it seemed that move paid off.

Joe Arpaio had been facing contempt of court charges for not adhering to the terms of an earlier mandate issued after Melendres V. Arpaio. In that case, Arpaio had been accused of using blatant racism and stereotyping to harass citizens that he believed looked like illegal immigrants. This caused quite a stir in the Maricopa County Police Department.

The ruling judge in the Melendres case ordered that Arpaio change his policies and report to a court monitor for a certain length of time, something Arpaio failed to do. The contempt charges came soon after it became apparent that Arpaio was not abiding by the terms of the agreement.

Larkin and Lacey, themselves, have dealt with quite a bit from the former sheriff. While in office, he gave the Phoenix New Times plenty of information to work with. His tent cities put him on the map as a cruel and unusual sheriff. While Arpaio enjoyed a comfortable life, the people in his tent city prisons were exposed to the elements and forced to eat the very minimum that Arpaio could provide.

Arpaio called it a solution to poison overcrowding, but many others would call it, at the very least, an act of inhumanity. In addition to this behavior, Arpaio reallocated prison funds for personal reasons and left important crimes uninvestigated. His entire tenure was fodder for Larkin and Lacey.

After an incident where Larkin and Lacey were arrested by Arpaio’s department for publishing details of a summons they had received from his office, the journalist sued the department. Read more:  Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Facebook

They won and received a 3.75-million-dollar settlement from the county. Instead of using this money for anything personally, the men instead decided that the money would do better to serve the immigrant population located in Arizona.

This group of people had long-suffered the wrath of Joe Arpaio and Larkin and Lacey wanted to do something to support them. Together, they founded the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, geared toward helping to build programs and resources for migrants. In the face of a pardon for Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin are showing that there is still good left in the world.

Jeunesse Invests in Global Growth

There are many people who want to lose weight and have more energy. Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy for the vast majority of people. With all of the different food options, it can be difficult to eat a healthy diet.

Jeunesse is a company that is focused on helping people live a better lifestyle. The company sells numerous health products that help people increase their energy levels. In addition, these health products have the vitamins and nutrients that people need to thrive each day.

The Beginning of Jeunesse

Starting a company is not an easy process. In the health industry, there are new companies starting each month. This is a growing industry that offers a lot of potential for to make money.

Jeunesse decided to offer numerous health and beauty products for customers. Producing healthy products is not cheap. Jeunesse operates on low margins in order to help customers as much as possible.

Health Coaches

Jeunesse also offers health coaching for customers who want to take their health to a new level. Health coaching is an added service that people can pay for. This is a great way to get additional advice each month. Anyone who wants to improve their overall health should work with a coach.

The health coaches who work for Jeunesse have years of experience in the field. Over the past few years, more people than ever have started to use these services.

Healthy Lifestyle

Although Jeunesse sells a variety of health supplements that work, the best way to be healthy is to simply live a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are great ways to accomplish this goal.

Jeunesse is currently planning to launch new products in the coming months. This will be a great opportunity for the company to increase sales and profits in the years ahead.

Louis Chenevert’s Major Accomplishments at UTC

Aerospace pioneer Louis Chenevert has worked at many companies but left his biggest legacy at United Technologies Corporation. With a passion for innovation and social impact the Canadian businessman did not take any shortcuts or sacrifice employees jobs to grow UTC to unbelievable heights. Here is little about Louis’s past. He born in Montreal, Canada where he spent his informative years. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Production Management. It was very fitting he went to a Canadian university, an affiliated business school of the University of Montreal called HEC Montreal.

Before his time at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert worked for General Motors for 14 where he was their general production manager. With a long career under his belt at General Motors he was ready for a brand new start and change in life. He started working at Pratt & Whitney, which is one of the companies under the umbrella of UTC. After several years at Pratt & Whitney he was promoted to President of the company. Mr. Chenevert was committed to innovation and obtain only the most advanced technology. He knew that getting UTC to invest in updating their jet engine. They invested lots of time and energy into making it happen. After two decades and $10 billion dollars later they were ready to unveil their new engine. They cut down fuel consumption by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent. The new and improved version is used in over 70 aircraft and 14 airlines.

Getting United Technologies Corporation to invest in such advanced technology was a smart move but Louis was also continued to support the U.S. economy. Mr. Chenevert was committed to keeping these manufacturing jobs in the states. They have plants in Georgia, Florida, New York, Maine, Michigan, and Connecticut, home of UTC. They invested in their plants to keep up with demand and be able to serve future customers. Dedicated to creating new jobs and helping the economy, he was able to hire 25,000 new employees. He also create 5,000 new positions. Louis stepped down from UTC and now works at Goldman Sachs as Exclusive Advisor.

Skilled Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is known in his home country of Brazil as being an exceptional race car driver, who along with his brother Michel, and the other members of their driving team, have won a number of awards in the annual Sertoes Rally competition. His interest and passion for cars and speed began many years ago when he was still in his youth, and this was what led him to start entering racing contests. With his team, which is called Bull Sertoes, he has completed 5 of these popular rallies and ranks at a high position when it comes to how many races he’s finished and won.

Coming from a family that was always involved in the world of sports, Rodrigo Terpins developed the kind of discipline and skill he needed to compete in the Sertoes Rally, which is an event that has 7 stages to it and very rough roads to maneuver through. This rally is Brazil’s largest off-road competition, and it attracts many experienced racers and fans each year. The Terpins brothers and their team race with a high-powered vehicle named T-Rex. It was given that name because it had a V8 engine added to it that enables it to get across all the rocky terrain the drivers have to travel over. Because of their expert driving skills, the Bull Sertoes Team won the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of the rally, and they are considered to be one of the best teams in the event. Check out estadao for more info.

Aside from being a talented rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins has served as a Senior Director of a business called T5 Participacoes since 2008, and he was once the CEO of a women’s clothing store called Lojas Marisa. Terpins graduated from Saint Hilaire College, where he earned a degree in Business Management, and just like he uses discipline, patience, hard work and perseverance in the business world, he also applies those things when he’s out on the racetrack trying to conquer the rough roads. The celebrated rally driver has a lot of enthusiastic fans who engage with him on many social media platforms.

Advocacy of Immigrants Rights Spearheaded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Human, civil and migrant rights are issues that need to be seriously addressed across the globe. It is crucial that all members of the nation be treated with justice and equality.

This has been very difficult to achieve and has prompted the formation of several humanitarian groups across the globe. Here are some philanthropic organizations in the nation.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund was formed by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two are journalist and co-founders of the “Phoenix New Times’’. Most of their time in their career was spent in fighting for their rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They acquired the funds they used to begin the Frontera Fund from the case of Sherriff Joe. It all began when the two journalists published the malicious acts of the sheriff. Everyone thought this was crazy because he was a feared and respected man in the society.

As expected, Sherriff Joe was not pleased with the journalists when the news got to him.

He ordered their arrest at midnight and drove them to a secret location. The civilians, however, demonstrated and demanded their release.

They then took the case to court, where they were judged innocent. They also received a huge settlement of $3.75 million that they used to start off the Frontera Fund.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA Group is based in London. The organization is on the frontline of fighting for immigrants’ rights. The foundation of CHIRLA was prompted by the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act.

The act prohibited the employment of undocumented citizens. This act would encourage misuse and abuse of labor.

The CHIRLA Group employs the leverage of power strategy. They, therefore, act in ensuring that they educate the public and change their opinion and then use their power to eliminate poor immigration policies and implement new ones.

Through the CHIRLA Group, the lives of many immigrant individuals and their families have tremendously improved.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights has been advocating for human and civil rights for more than 30 years. The groups operate at all levels, ranging from local to regional levels. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Over the years, the group has gained many supporters and well-wishers who have significantly contributed to its ability to serve globally.

The Advocates for Human Rights aim to establish a standardized human rights program and ensure its implemented globally.

The group also investigates on the violators of human rights and ensure they are punished.

Talk Fusion: The Product Of The World

When Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, created this magnificent video product in 2007, he did not create it just so one person could have it or a small group of people could have it.

He wanted as many people as possible to have it and enjoy all that comes with it: video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. They have added a lot to it over the years, and they plan to keep on adding to it as the years go on, as they have no interest in settling. They want this product to be out of this world and truly remarkable.

Bob Reina has gone on record in saying he is always looking for the next big thing. He also said he knows that with great power, there is great responsibility.

This is something that comes from deep in his heart, body, and soul. It is why it is so gratifying to see the company win two awards in 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

According to this link,, they are considered a media giant. That is hefty praise, which makes it mean even more for Talk Fusion they won the award.

It is just further proof they are doing the right thing and they are on the right path. Bob Reina is a former police officer, and he prides himself on doing right by the people. Read more: Talk Fusion | Crunchbase and Talk Fusion | Wikipedia

He has done right by them with Talk Fusion, without question. He has created a product that is universally loved and really works for everyone with a dream. It is important to pay attention to the dreamers out there. They have a lot to offer and a lot to share with the world if people would give them the chance to be heard.

Talk Fusion allows the dreamers and everyone out there to do something special with their lives and really explore a ton of possibilities with their product. Once more eyes are on it, it is only going to grow in popularity and change their life.

Learn more about Talk Fusion:

Roberto Santiago – The Simple Entrepreneur Who Made a Unique Shopping Center

The Manaira Shopping Mall, owned by Roberto Santiago is now considered as the most significant shopping mall in the Paraiba state of Brazil and one of the largest in the whole country. It is also this huge business project that propelled Roberto Santiago into the status of one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in the Paraiba state as well as the whole country of Brazil.


The leisure activities showcased in the Manaira attracts people of all ages, be it conventional shopping for items, watching a movie, dining with family and friends and other events. The Manaira’s slogan, “what are you going to do today?” is a simple and yet effective slogan because it directly engages people’s minds and attracts them to do whatever they want to do that day inside the mall, or simply try out whatever they can do inside.


The cinema of the Manaira is one of its biggest strengths, for it features cutting-edge technology and comfortable seats, all for the convenience and enjoyment of the movie goers in Paraiba. Apart from that, it is considered one of the best shopping center cinemas they have in Brazil, and the technology was paired with a special room that has enough space for more than a hundred people.

Another thing that separates Manaira from other shopping centers in Brazil is its regular events that always changes. These events are designed to make the people’s shopping experience more interactive and dynamic and of course, exciting.


The architecture of the Manaira is also attractive to customers. It was well-thought by the best architects in the business so that it shows a very aesthetic design with modern architecture while also maintaining enough windows for every corridor to be illuminated by the sun. Because of that, it is a great place to have a walk while also getting vitamin D from the sunlight.


Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is Shaping Up the Way Brazilians Think About Leisure


The placement of the stores is also highly strategic because it was thought out of how different age groups act while shopping. For example, where teenagers tend to pass by next after shopping at a specific store, and what are the favorite locations that kids would want to visit when going to the shopping center, cramming them together in corridors that are close to each other.


One of the critical features for the Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall’s success are the positive feedback it gets. It even gets more positive feedback than the bigger malls in Brazil and these positive feedbacks are only possible because people simply like what they see and get in the Manaira.


If you ever get the chance to visit the wonderful state of Paraiba, make sure to pass by the Manaira Shopping.



Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker is Shaking Up the Spice Game

Joel Friant knows how to do a lot of things and all of these tasks fall under the umbrella of personal success and professional profit. The first transferable skill Joel Friant can teach any person, in the best way possible through example, is that of follow through. This follow through is seen in his successes as a real estate agent, marketer, business coach and mentor. Other concepts and skills that he is more than authoritative on are that of reverse engineering and innovation as well. What this means is that he knows what it takes to follow the instructions and market trends of commerce and trade while at the same time using his experience to design new products or services as needed.

One of the best examples of this product production is his signature condiment the Habanero Shaker first created in the year 1995. The history of the shaker has a humble start and a really magnificent climb to the top. Even when there are times of not so plenty market-wise Joel Friant’s commitment to his product and dream is known for keeping the integrity of the product and its distribution to the public intact. Long story short, this means that for a while fans of the habanero sauce may remember not having it at their tables, but it’s comeback is more than present now.

Although its producer and creator deserves the lion’s share of credit for this product’s wherewithal presence to the public, the real star of the show is the heat and flavor of the Habanero Shaker itself. There’s more than just anecdotal evidence that supports the smokey flavor and smooth yet biting mouthfeel of this American classic. There’s a little bit of scientific evidence that supports its claim to fame and it’s striking heat that it brings to the party.

The habanero pepper holds 2,000 Scoville units where the jalapeno provides about 4,000. The numbers don’t lie and the Scoville unit is the accepted mark and measure of caliente, since 1912. Joel is not that old, however his product is sure to be around for as long as he wants to be. And, his customers are sure to be grateful for that.

Learn more about Joel Friant: