Why the Best Publish in Oncotarget

Oncotarget, a peer review journal for oncologists, is one of the most highly-regarded peer review journals to be published in. Currently, this journal is sought out by those who are dedicated to the study of the cure for cancer, cancer prevention, new and innovative treatments, and areas of medicine and science that are related to the elderly population. This journal, started by Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, is also highly-regarded for its adherence to guidelines for best practices, as well as to ensuring that credit is given to whom it is due.

Regardless of whether or not the individual making a submission is an author, editor, or reviewer, they are all held to the standards of COPE, for the Conduct of Best Practices. This journal like many others gets hundreds of submissions, and its editors are required to review them one-by-one for their technical merit, quality of data, and the importance of the scientific community as well. Those who submit to this journal are free to do so regardless of their race, creed, color, or sexual orientation, adding to the professionalism an ability to raise the bar in all areas of its research and publications. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

The complexity of tumor development and other aspects of cancer research have made it the “go to” resource for those who wish to be expert researchers in cancer and related areas of medicine.  This journal is dedicated to not only the study and prevention of cancer, but it is also committed to publishing the latest information regarding neuroscience, endocrinology, cardiology, cell biology, pharmacology and many other areas.

There are numerous authors that have made submissions to Oncotarget that have made viable contributions to the field of medicine, but also to the related research in related fields. Those who wish to read the latest on cancer research should take the time to read and research Oncotarget. Download output styles at Endnote.com

Los Angeles and San Francisco Wedding Photo Location Choices

If you are fixing to get married in Los Angeles or San Francisco, then you will want to work with the professionals at George Street Photo and Video Address to have your wedding photos taken.

Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory is a beautiful setting for your wedding photos. The skyline here is very panoramic while the building’s unique architecture can be used for fun couple shots.

San Francisco

Crissy Field provides a great setting for couples who want to include their dogs in their wedding photos. Do not overlook the diverse possibilities at the Conservatory of Flowers with its lush greenery and beautiful statues.

Regardless of where you want to have your wedding photos taken, there is a George Street Photo and Video photographer located near you.

Roberto Santiago Knows How To Build A Shopping Center That People Spend All Day At

Roberto Santiago is the genius behind the creation of Joao Pessoa’s most extravagant shopping center in all of Brazil. Roberto has an extensive history of working diligently to make sure that consumers are provided with the top quality services that they expect. Manaira Shopping mall has provided its shoppers with a massive collection of entertainment and relaxation services, and a variety of entertainment options since they first opened back in 1989. The mall features a vast collection of fine dining options within sight of some of the more famous beaches in Brazil.

Roberto’s Manaira Shopping mall has an extensive range of influence throughout the community, and it is the only mall people want to visit for the extent of the fun and entertaining services that are offered there. The mall specifically caters to families that are seeking to relax, have some fun, and explore as they visit Joao Pessoa. There is an extensive amusement park on site, stadium seating in their innovative movie theater, seating for 8,000 people in their extravagant ballroom, and modern electronic bowling alleys. Read more on Exame

Their avant-garde movie theater has eleven rooms, each with state-of-the-art equipment, and designed with acoustic sound buffering, and an all-encompassing sound experience that is localized within each theater’s room. The 3D film viewing amenities are also worth noting. They also have a VIP section and a wet bar, and a soft drink vendor as well as snacks.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall also contains an onsite 1800 square meter large amusement park, which exhibits more than 200 electronic gaming machines. The mall itself has gym centers for those seeking to get in a workout. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

There is fine cuisine and fast food options to be found in their Gourmet Space section of the mall, which includes a communal food court for shoppers to hang out with their friends and family.  It has been in place for nearly ten years, and is called one of the grandest concert halls in the state of Joao Pessoa. It is fully air conditioned, sound proof from the rest of the mall, and contains the most up to date sound equipment available. They can hold up to 10,000 people if they are standing and 4,000 if they are seated. Numerous weddings, comedians, graduations and other presentations are held there.

He not only created Manaira Shopping, but he is also the owner of it, which is one of the more modern shopping centers in Brazil. Roberto is acknowledged as having a highly profitable business history. Visit mundodomarketing.com to read more.

How MB2 Dental Solutions Can Help a Dental Practitioner

Starting a dental practice is one of those crucial decisions which dentists have to make at one point or another in their career. Instead of working for someone else, you could step out and walk alone. However, working with a team that backs you properly is also important. This is where a good team of staff members comes into the picture.



If you make the decision to venture out on your own, you will need professional help to develop your business from scratch. With the help of a professional, this is very easy to do. If you want quality services, this means that you must work with a team of experts who have a grasp of what dental practice entails.



Why MB2 Dental Solutions?



The reason why MB2 Solutions is the most popular dental practice management firms is that they have extensive knowledge and experience in the field. They have worked with many dentists and they have partnered with them to offer services that can help manage any startup. The other benefit of working with the professionals is that they offer a wide range of services. Whether you are starting out or you need support along the way, you can take advantage of their services.



Range of Services



One of the services which the firm offers is marketing and branding. Just like any other business, your dental practice is supposed to attract business in the form of patients. When you want to build your clientele, you must consider advertising your services to a potential audience. MB2 Dental Solutions will help you brand your practice and advertise it accordingly.



Another service which you will find useful is their recruitment strategies. They can handle all your hiring needs. They will source the right staff for you and take them through the necessary selection processes as per your instructions. After they recruit staff for you, they can even go ahead and train them so as to induct them into your practice.



Apart from recruitment services, the firm is also handy when it comes to accounting and finances. The professionals can handle the challenging bit of your practice and give you time to care for your patients.