How Did EOS Outdo Chapstick?

Chapstick lip balm is the name familiar to most people 30-up. But millennials might be unfamiliar with the brand, since EOS has come along. Evolution of Smooth is the name, and now, the brand holds the second-top spot for lip balm sales, surpassing the 100-year old leader. It was time for change, and EOS swept in with that Facebook trendy, fun change that people wanted.

With EOS lip balms, users get:

– An all-natural balm that soothes and softens the lips

– Choice of eight fun fruit flavors, including Raspberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Sorbet

– Fun orb-shaped balm is trendy and more exciting than the boring cylinder Chapstick tube

– Affordably priced, at a cost of less than $4 per orb on Target

– A fun brand that listens, cares, and interacts with their customers on many levels

EOS strives to offer a worthwhile product that benefits the user, and their lip balm certainly exceeds expectations. The fact that EOS is constantly looking for ways to improve their product proves they are a brand that is serious about being on top.

EOS sells more than one-million lip balms every week. It is a product that customers look forward to buying, and using. Yes, EOS lip balms are just that amazing! You don’t surpass a 100-year leader if you aren’t doing something right, after all.


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  1. No doubt, Evolution of Smooth has become a brand loved by all. yes, they are not old in the business however, they are now the second overall sellers of lip balm. That is why write my essay custom writing has highlighted what has made this product rise above others. It is a product made for girls and the container makes it easier for them to put in their bag. The most awesome thing is that it comes in different flavors with natural ingredients that keep your lip moistured.

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