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America caused a lot of countries to become dangerous hell-holes. All of this wealth and cleanliness that we have in the United State of America is the result of a complex history of dirty dealings and conflicts abroad.

America has a long history of meddling in the politics of foreign countries, replacing foreign leaders with puppet governments, having business interests in other countries and exploiting the citizens of other countries as labor.

The most gross example is United Fruit. United Fruit was a banana company that existed in Guatemala. They owned 42% of the land there. United Fruit owned Guatemala’s telegraph and telephone systems. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

When leaders in Guatemala attempted to threaten United Fruit’s iron fist over Guatemala, the company put out propaganda against Guatemala in the United States, condemning them as “communists.” The leader of Guatemala, Arbenz, was forced to resign.

The United States CIA installed a military dictator into the leadership and called him a “liberator.” This is the kind of stuff that really screwed up Latin American countries that immigrants are now coming from.

America, and other countries like America, have put tight reigns on less powerful countries, and have confined less powerful countries to only exporting out one or a few raw goods while the world powers force them to buy expensive finished goods. The people who work on Wall Street seem pretty suspicious when it comes to this whole situation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Now, there are immigrants walking through the desert, trying to reach the nearest place where they can receive water, food, shelter and work. Some people die on the way over, because the Mexican-American border is located in a desert.

Once immigrants find work, the fight is not over. A lot of undocumented immigrants are abused by their employers, and do not report these abuses for fear of being deported back to their countries after all of the trouble that they went though to come here. It is a glorious sight to seen an immigrant who has come from nothing build themselves up and find their place in American society.

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin are educated about this whole series of events in history, and the current conditions that affect people who decide to cross the border. To protect these people, they created the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to take part in correcting the social, political and economic wrongs that have been imposed on the countries of people who are coming over here illegally.


Important Stories That Lacey And Larkin Are Tied Closely To 

Front Page Confidential is a relatively fresh digital news media publication that largely contains coverage and opinions of current events, others’ opinions, and important matters related to the freedom of speech, press, and religious preference and practice.

The site was founded by Village Voice Media, the 1970 creation of Michael Lacey and James “Jim” Larkin, less than a year ago, in September 2017. Larking and Lacey are actively involved in deciding the overarching direction of the publication, its writers, and advertising and marketing decisions, though is the chief editor is Tom Finkel, a long-tenured veteran of the world of journalism.


Lacey and Larkin’s link to John McCain

Not too long ago, Front Page Confidential ran a lengthy story totaling a word count in the tens of thousands that chronicled the bad deeds John McCain has acted out throughout his lifetime.

Larkin and Lacey ordered the publication of the article because they firmly believed – and still do believe – that what Senator John McCain stood for was against the best interest of the constituents he has served for decades in the state of Arizona.


About the civic-minded, justice-seeking Frontera Fund

To keep a long, twisted story relatively short, Lacey and Larkin won a settlement of $3.75 million from Maricopa County, Arizona, a few years ago. They decided, instead of keeping the money for themselves, to dole it out to people who have their rights violated in the United States to those who either can’t afford it or have tough cases that desperately need assistance to have the objective dish of justice served as soon as possible.

The Frontera Fund is the name of the nonprofit entity that takes care of the aforementioned objectives and responsibilities. Lacey and Larkin alike are both involved in monitoring its operations, as well.


Taking Care of The Active Wear Consumer Needs

When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler co-founded Fabletics, that was a response to the pressing concerns and human needs. Americans consumers spent more than $ 44 billion in the year 2016, on active wear purchasing.

Based on the growing active wear consumption trend, it was projected the gross expenditure was going to double by the year 2010, reaching well over $ 83 billion yearly. Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Despite that massive growth curve, only a small number of companies had dominated that space in the market. As it’s anticipated in every industry where only a small number of companies have a monopoly that’s not challenged, the consumers are victims of exploitation.

The companies that are dominating rake in enormous profits while the consumer ends up settling with the smallest competitive value at an extremely high price. Fortunately, in 2013, active wear consumers noted an important industry change upon Fabletics entry.

Fabletics was a story that was inspiring of innovation plus consumer-specific brand. Fabletics didn’t add to the regular active wear passive lines, but a revolution in products of the active wear.

Goldenberg and Ressler co-operated with the personalities of the high-end consumer, among them was Kate Hudson, an actress, to pioneer an option for women that was competitive. The focus became the main concerns that the modern woman undergoes when she’s purchasing active wear, this has never happened.

In all the consumer groups, women are the ones who suffered the most, with standardized quality and insufficient products of active wear that infrequently served their needs, they were also expensive and unattractive.

Consequently, what Goldenberg and Ressler had seen was a market need that required an intervention urgently. At that time, the two owned the company called TechStyle Fashion Group.

Thus, TechStyle rose to that new challenge and began to respond to women cry across the United States, and internationally.

The idea became a mission to create a comfortable, attractive, functionally athletic, that was still a brand of clothing fashionable for women despite their color preference, shapes, or sizes. That led to Fabletics, based on the thriving business TechStyle had already become. Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC


JustFab was formed in the year 2010. JustFab is currently known as TechStyle Fashion Group. It changed its name to draw attention to its roots in technology. The headquarters of TechStyle is located in El Segundo, California. It’s called a unicorn because it has succeeded in achieving what others could have considered rare and difficult.

Bruno Fagali is Shaping Up to Become one of Brazil’s Most Competent Lawyers

     Making it as a lawyer is difficult in any country. In addition to the years of hard work that is required to become a lawyer, there are numerous temptations along the way that could compromise one’s ethical standing as a lawyer. As such, today, lawyers of integrity are quite rare. In Brazil, Bruno Fagali is one of those few. Over the course of his legal career, Mr. Fagali has created a fashioned a reputation for himself for upholding integrity and his ethical responsibilities. He is also quite versatile, displaying a comprehensive understanding of corporate law and administrative law.

Bruno Fagali developed a passion for the law at quite an early age. As such, when the time came to commence his undergraduate education, he chose to pursue a law degree from famed Sao Paulo institution, the Pontiace Catholic University. After a few years of practicing as a lawyer, he would go back to school to complete a Master’s degree in Law of the State, Administrative and Anti-Corruption Law from the University of Sao Paulo. In between his two degrees he also participated in numerous certificate course aimed at sharpening his understanding of various facets of law. These certificate courses were offered by institutions such as the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the Brazilian Society of Public Law.

Following his strong academic background, Bruno Fagali has gone on to have quite the accomplished professional career. He first started out as an intern at Tojal, Texeira, Ferreira, Serrano and Renault Associates before moving on to Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. His brief spell at these two law firms provided him with the business acumen and industry knowledge he needed to become the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/sb. Soon after, Mr. Fagali realized that he craved greater satisfaction and thus decided to venture out on his own by forming Fagali Advocacy. Today, Fagali Advocacy is among the fastest rising law firms in Brazil.

In his free time, Bruno Fagali enjoys traveling. His love for traveling is not just targeted at sightseeing but rather also interacting with people from different cultures. It is no surprise, therefore, that the man can speak English, Spanish and French, in addition to his native Portuguese.

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Planetarium Project at Orange Coast College Receives Huge Gift From Former Professor

The planetarium construction project at Orange Coast College has gotten one step closer to completion thanks to a very generous donation made by one of its former instructors. Retired professor Mary McChesney has contributed an unprecedented $1 million towards the planetarium project. The 91-year-old used to teach English and Spanish at the college for over 33 years, before she took her retirement in 1983. Learn more:


In a recent media statement, the former OCC professor gave more details as to why she made such a large gift to the institution she used to teach at. McChesney stated that the contribution was made in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, who passed away in January. Just like McChesney, Bonin was also a long-time professor at the Costa Mesa college, teaching German before retiring in 1983. McChesney went on to state that even though she had retired and grown old, her love for the institution at which she taught for over three decades is still very much alive and she hopes that the new planetarium will make Orange Coast College the center of scientific studies in the area.


According to officials at the college, the retired professor’s donation will be used to build a Foucault pendulum, which is a device that demonstrates how our planet rotates. Once the planetarium is built, it will featured all the latest in technology and have a seating capacity of 129. Orange Coast College expects construction of the new structure to be completed for the start of the 2018 fall semester.


Orange Coast College is a community college and one of the largest educational institutions in the Costa Mesa, California, area, with over 25,000 students attending. The college was founded in 1947, after a measure was passed by local voters giving the green light towards building a new junior college on land that was occupied by a deactivated military base.


Orange Coast College now offers a wide range of educational programs designed to suit the needs of its diverse student body. Some lead to 2-year associate degrees, while others are diploma and certificate programs aimed at individuals who want to acquire skills that are useful on today’s job market. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein Advice About Knockout Options

Many business corporations have of late been eliminating the advantage they give to their employees to buy their stock at discounted prices, commonly known as stock options. The main reason being floated around by these corporations and is that they are looking into ways of saving more money. However, is this really the reason? Let us look at some of the reasons explained by Jeremy Goldstein, that normally not known to people which actually contribute to this measure being taken.



At the top of the list is to avoid the risk of option overhanging. This happens when the stock value drops by huge margin making it hard for employees to buy the stock at their discounted price. Second, employees too are starting to reconsider the value that options add to their net worth. Employees understand that in case of a financial crisis in their corporations their options will lose value. Therefore it is not a sure investment. It can still backfire on you. Finally, some employees consider this as a financial burden. Some feel it is better to have the full salary without deductions for options being made.



Even as this happens there are advantages that are related to the stock options. One, stock options offers are of equivalent value to all employees. This means no employee is disadvantaged in the plan. Secondly, stock options have the capability of inflating employees’ earnings. Being aware that the more financial success a company encounters translate to more earnings, employees will be motivated to push the business into further growth. Thirdly, some laws governing the conduct of business organizations stipulate that they should offer options instead of shares. Failure do this will result in a bigger tax for the affected corporation. Therefore for any company to enjoy these benefits it must adopt a strategy that ensures a balance between the advantages and disadvantages.



One strategy that strikes this balance is the “knockout” strategy. This strategy works by deeming the options null and void if the share value falls below a certain amount. With knockout options, corporations can avoid overhanging non-employee investors. This eliminates fear from stockholders that their share ownership will be reduced.



Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is managing partner with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. It is based in New York. His law firm advises business organizations on matters of compensation corporate governance. Jeremy Goldstein main area of focus is on matters of transformative corporate issues.


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