Boraie Development, the Future of Real Estate

When it comes to urban real estate development, there is hardly any company dedicated to actualizing each client’s dream than Boraie Development. Some of the impeccable services that they provide their esteemed clients include property management, property sales, real estate development, and property marketing.

To each of their services, Boraie Development has got a team of skilled, dedicated and experienced personnel who work round the clock to make sure that their clients get what they want as effortlessly as possible. And apart from that, they have affiliations with some of the most formidable financial institutions which ensure that the clients are covered at all times.

They also have some of the best architects within their ranks to see to it that all of their clients’ dreams are put in the paper and actualized within record time. And it is because of such dedication that they do have a portfolio of incredible and breathtaking buildings put up all over the world.

Some of the timeless designs that Boraie Development takes pride in includes the One Riverview in Newark, the Gateway in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Mulberry Commons as well as the Rock Hoff hall. And these are just but a few of their fantastic work.

All the above achievements wouldn’t have come to fruition were it not for the brilliant visionary Omar Boraie. When most architects strive to think outside the box, Omar realized that there was no box at all. And with that kind of mentality, he managed to put Boraie Development ahead of the curves, decades later.

The things about dreamers are that they never stop dreaming. And that is why Omar Boraie’s dream of rebuilding New Brunswick is still taking shape, brick after brick. Since 1972, he and his team managed to make New Brunswick from a town on the brink of going ghost to one that everyone is looking forward to visiting or even better, move in permanently. You can visit

His first investment was an abandoned block with 21 old apartments, which is now known as Albany Street Plaza Tower One today. A Philly Purge publication also stated that Mr. Omar has also seen the need for bringing a breath of fresh air in New Brunswick with luxury apartment projects. After four decades of nothing but sweat, blood and hard work, the 72-year-old Omar Boraie isn’t showing any signs of stopping. He and his dedicated team are working around the clock to build the dream. Check out his website

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