Contributions of Robert Ivy In The Architectural Field

     Robert Ivy is the head of the American Institute of Architects. He is the current chief executive officer as well as the executive vice president of the organization. The American Institute of Architects is an institution composed of architects and interior designers who are based in the United States. The headquarters for the American Institute of Architects is located in Washington DC. The role of the organization is to represent the interests of the architects and interior design professionals in the country. The organization also have a responsibility of bringing to these professionals with the intention of strengthening the organization by promoting the welfare of the professionals. The main goal of the organization is to promote the business or architects and other professionals. The American Institute of Architects partners with corporates in the country cater to the needs of the members of the association.

As the CEO of American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is responsible for the overall management of the association. He has a role of offering guidance to members of the association on how to conduct themselves when dealing with clients. Robert Ivy has been concerned about the welfare of the organization. Before he took over the leadership of the body, it had started dwindling and was not doing very well. However, since he took over, he has been focused on ensuring that the body regained its lost glory. As of today, it is the largest body that represents the interests of the professionals in the architectural field. The group has been working on developing educational materials that will help members of the organization in their work. There are initiatives that are aimed at having the members access advanced design software.

Robert Ivy has been working in various organizations before he joined the AIA. Most of his previous roles were still in the field of architecture. He has been an editor Director at McGraw Hill. He has also worked for another organization known as Architectural Record. At Architectural Records, he was the editor-in-chief. Some of his achievements while serving at the Architectural Record included winning international honors for highlighting matter s of interests in the architectural field. One of the awards they won was the National Magazine Award for excellence.

Robert Ivy has personally won many accolades for his contribution to this profession. He was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi award. Robert Ivy went to the University of the South. He graduated with bachelors of Arts in England.


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