Advertising Methods of Fabletics Compared to Other Brands

One of the best ways to look at the quality of a fashion brand is to look at the way it markets to people which includes advertising. A user will be able to figure out the mindset of a brand by looking at how it advertises. One thing that the customer is to find out is how the brand looks at customers. This can be seen in the commercials or advertising campaigns that are out. One example to look at when it comes to marketing is Fabletics compared to many of the other brands in the fashion industry.


One thing that many brands do when they are marketing and advertising is focus on the products and the brand itself. While it shows people wearing the item, the focus and angle of the advertising is that the products of the brand are good and worth buying. In other words, customers are being urged to buy the product. One thing that is worth noting is that the brand does not seem to show any thought towards what the customer would want. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it is becoming less effective as the market is going through its changes.


With Fabletics, a different approach is taken with marketing. The focus of Fabletics is on getting all of the information needed about the members. While they do advertise a little bit of their products, the message is clear. The brand wants customers to speak up and make it known the type of products they want. Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson design the products, provide them, look at the data based on what the customers put in their profile, and then they decide whether or not to provide more of the products. Part of what they do to achieve this is offer the Lifestyle Quiz.


The fashion industry is moving closer to a new era where there is a wider diversity of styles than every before. Fabletics wants to be a part of the movement to where there are as many different types of styles as there are people. This accepting and inclusive approach is definitely inspiring and encouraging for people that are looking for something different from the industry.

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