James Larkin, the docker who became a trade unionist

James Larkin had a job which he lost after two years because his skills did not meet those that the firm required of him. He looked for a job elsewhere and ran short of luck.

He then decided to seek after minor jobs that would not earn him much money, because it was better that he had something to do than to stay idle and jobless. He became a sailor. This later was followed by another minor job as a docker.

The docks of Liverpool was not the best place to be. This was not the ideal place to work in either, because of the meager income and the way workers were not treated well. However, when Larkin did not have a choice, he found his options at the docks. He climbed up in ranks soon and became a foreman of the very place that he worked before. His income increased a little.

James Larkin became one of the organizers of NUDL following an interesting turn of events. It so happened that the National Union of Dock Laborers were looking for a skilled organizer.

Larkin appeared to be one after he performed very well at a dock strike that he was involved in. Actually, his performance was so good that his fellow foremen made him a strike organizer. NUDL seized the opportunity when James Larkin was dismissed from being a foreman.

James worked at NUDL with a lot of loyalty and dedication. He did this not because he respected or looked up to the leaders, but simply because he believed so much in the union and what it stood for.

NUDL then stopped being his only aspirations because his move, while he was in Dublin on a union duty, was not accepted by NUDL, and so he was dismissed. James Larkin, however, would never be a loner, having made a name for himself while at NUDL. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Many people wanted to join up with him and do something together. James Larkin decided that enough was enough with the Irish disunity and treatment. For both the skilled and unskilled laborers, he formed ITGWU which would bring them together.

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