Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Get Excited For March 13 Special Election

     The team at End Citizens United is working overtime as the 2018 Congressional Elections approach. With that being said, there is an important Special Election coming up that could set the tone for Democrats and Republicans around the country. We are talking about, of course, the March 13th Special Election being held in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone. Conor Lamb is looking to become the latest victory in what can only be described as a tidal wave of Blue sweeping over the nation. Rick Saccone is a stout Republican with the Presidential endorsement to his back. End Citizens United is a political action committee looking to bring their grassroots enthusiasm to Lamb’s campaign in order to even the odds.

Conor Lamb isn’t your traditional progressive and that’s why he actually has a shot at scoring a seat in one of the reddest areas in the entire country. Lamb is only 33 years old but he has already found massive outreach to traditional progressive strongholds, like the labor unions, and even rural areas throughout Pennsylvania, like moderate and hardcore conservatives. Most important of all, Lamb is winning over groups like End Citizens United who are seeking to put legislators into power that are willing to fight for the common voter.

The reason End Citizens United found themselves drawn to Conor Lamb was simple, he’s willing to put himself above dark money politics in order to fight for the will of the American voter. End Citizens United was created in response to the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United argued for uninhibited dark money to be flooded into American politics, thus allowing billionaires and millionaires to purchase their own politicians. ECU, led by PAC President Tiffany Muller, has been working to put legislators into a position to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the SCOTUS decision.

Conor Lamb has an uphill battle ahead of him as the GOP has begun to pull out all of the stops in order to overcome Lamb’s surprising surge in popularity. The 18th District in Pennsylvania has been gerrymandered beyond sanity and Republicans are also pouring millions of dollars into advertisements and attack ads against Lamb’s unimpeachable record on the issues. Donald Trump won this district by nearly 20% during the 2016 election but Lamb and Democrats are feeling really good about their chances for change.

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