We All Can Be Safe

Securus Technologies, based in Texas, has been America’s leading provider for technology solutions for the last 30 years. Their products provide solutions for public safety, law enforcement, correctional facilities, and private investigations. They have single-handedly protected over 1000 prisons and 1.2 million prisoners.


Recently however, Securus Technologies has begun dealing with a problem they never have before. Technological drones have become pervasive in our society. Their usage goes anywhere from attacking terrorists overseas to providing photography and utility inspections for companies here in the United States of America. For as fun as this drone hobby may be, it has a darker side.


Drones have been used to deliver illegal contrabands too prisoners that are locked up in correctional facilities. This has occurred at federal prisons as well as state prisons. The items in the delivery pose a threat to public safety, correctional personnel, and prisoners located inside the facility. Drones have been known to deliver cell phones, drugs, pornography, and weapons.


Securus Technologies has been working diligently to end this threat to correctional facilities. They have used the Wireless Containment Solutions in order to stop drone technology. Wireless Containment Solutions is a product already developed by Securus Technologies. This solution builds cell phone towers around correctional facilities and intercepts phone calls being made by contraband cell phones. They believed they would be able to use this system to stop incoming drones.


After working for 18 months with various partners in the areas of technology and engineering, they have been able to install and implement their new program. Whenever a drone begins approaching a correctional facility, the Wireless Containment Solutions lock into its remote cell signal. Once this occurs, it can then cause the drone to fall from the sky. They hope that they can soon create a program that will allow them to override the controls and force the drone to go where they would like it to go.


Securus Technologies recently proved that they were the top dog in the area of safety technology when they won three different Stevie Awards. Stevie Awards are the world’s top honors for businesses dealing in customer service and business development. The Stevie Awards receives over 2500 nominations a year but only a handful receive awards.


Securus Technologies won the gold award in the area of customer service complaint teams. One of their leading executives took home the silver for the customer service professional of the year as her role in the customer service management. Lastly, Securus Technologies took home the bronze as their video visitation team won the frontline customer service team award.


Securus Technologies promises they will continue making the world safer by securing prisons and prisoners kept inside.


Jed McCaleb and His Stellar Venture

Jed McCaleb is a well-known software developer and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is an expert on cryptocurrencies, and the the products he has developed in the past include eDonkey, a revolutionary file-sharing service. McCaleb’s current venture is Stellar, which is a world-wide financial network designed to make bank transactions smoother for everyone with a focus on serving the developing communities of the planet.


A visionary and humanitarian as well as a business person, McCaleb recognized that the existing bank system was not adequately serving many of the world’s “unbanked” as a result of silo-type infrastructure prohibiting fast, universal transactions. Stellar, formed in 2014, is all about building connections between existing networks and uses a simple, fluid architecture to allow money to flow smoothly and securely for all users, not just those represented by traditional financial institutions.


Essentially, Stellar allows users to create an account, log in and then start transferring money. Its intuitive interface is largely a result of McCaleb’s design skills and concern for all users, and the product is poised to change the global financial industry. A community-oriented enterprise, Stellar receives feedback from all around the world as it develops its products, and the company has been key to contributing to open-source projects.


McCaleb believes that it’s important to focus on developing great products rather than on marketing existing ones. He feels that the Internet has created a medium where the strongest products rise to the top, therefore it’s not necessary to endlessly promote and advertise. Outside of the financial realm, McCaleb is interested in the emerging technology of artificial intelligence as he predicts that it will have tremendous impact on industry in the new future.


In general, his own personal approach to work is to focus on what’s important and not get bogged down in distractions and details. In his leadership role at Stellar, he divides his time between coding and responding to inquiries from around the world about Stellar products. In short, Jed McCaleb is game-changing developer and entrepreneur, and Stellar is a company to keep a close eye on.

Buying On The Pair And Selling On The Profits

The trick with forex is currency pairs and not currency options.


You might find difficult to follow the price trends in the currency market. It’s difficult to understand that the visual rise in data also means a visual drop. Rising currencies take the position of what’s called a “lead.” Currencies are written as pairs in the foreign exchange, so they are written like this: EUR/USD.


In this case, the lead currency is EUR, which stands for the Euro. The following currency listed is called the “quote.” This may all be confusing, but there’s an easy way to discover the process with more clarity. You’ll need a reliable trading platform. AvaTrade is a platform that offers everything you need in forex.


The Indicators You Need

Indicators are great to use when you know how.

Try only learning a few indicators at first. You’ll always deal with the same data no matter which indicator you use. The more advanced tools, they only give you a different overview of the same information. There’s so many facets in each trade decision that you’re likely not to rely on one factor alone.


Using multiple indicators is key, so learn and practice with those you like the most. The AvaTrade broker offers traders all of the possible tools they’ll use to trade successfully with. You can always opt in for the standard charts. Your trading style will dictate how you use AvaTrade and what type of data indicators are best for you.


Following Every Beat And Trend

Live data makes AvaTrade sustainable.

A true foreign exchange broker offers accessibility. We would simply go visit the forex market had we direct access without the infrastructure of a professional. The trading markets and the world are very big however. Getting information from one part of the world to another is the real work of a reliable broker.


This is why AvaTrade can sustain your trading so effectively. The platform keeps its traders updated on the latest news and beat by beat. You need access to every tick of the tape. AvaTrade is where you find it all.

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How Investment U Contributes To The Success Of Its Members

Being in a group of like-minded individuals is very beneficial. Clubs and other groups offer their members an opportunity to make friends; access to information; a social outlet; motivation for achieving a particular goal; access to organized events; and access to a network of associates.


The Oxford Club’s purpose is to advance these benefits and more to its members. This club, however, concentrates on financial matters, and its members enjoy the advice in the form of published reading material, whose aim is to assist the members in making better investment decisions, thus making more wealth.


The club is independent and operated by experts who form part of its membership. With over 80,000 members in 100 countries, the club gives its members an opportunity to use carefully selected strategies for investing. If used, members can achieve wealth and preserve it for longer periods compared to non-members.


Just like any other club, the Oxford Club relies on several measures to ensure it meets its objectives. The first principle is to set a minimum set of qualifications for membership. This selective procedure raises the bar high enough to ensure that only a selected few become members of the group.


In addition, the club has a well laid out investment philosophy. Members are free to share their ideas across the club. This leads to participative and inclusive idea generation.


Investment professionals then screen these ideas before being included in the investment philosophy. This has stood the test of time in making the club a success.


The club’s roots are in Baltimore, Maryland. The club began as a passport club, but with an idea to transform it into a private financial club. Its founder had an interest in finding investment opportunities for himself.


He, however, realized that this was not possible through the formal process, and so he partnered personal associates to achieve this goal; thus, the club was born.

Doe Deere, the Queen of Rebellion, Shares her Secret to Success

Career pundits say it is harder to break even in a segment with lots of participants. You have to toss to the exhibition table, something out of this world if you wish to make a mark. Doe Deere is one of the few women to have tested the waters where it stood still, and thus risked sinking. It is lucky for her, though, her daring efforts paid off. She’s about beauty and make-up on the big stage now. Well, it is not your usual lipstick, ponds and nail polish type. Doe Deere is a real queen when it comes to trying out outlandish colors. Her idea of beauty is encapsulated in the principle that what is ordinary does not excite the nerves. So, she goes for the rare and daring combinations on the beauty platform.



Doe Deere’s Background and Career



She fits into what would be called a proper high breed. She was born in Russia and raised in the US, New York, in particular. She pursued studies in fashion design while in New York in her earlier years. She later started Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe Deere sports a splendid career. She is noted for being one of the early successful women entrepreneurs to have launched her company online in 2008. Doe Deere later moved to Los Angeles. She has entirely focused on her thematic cosmetic designs which she refers to as revolutionary. Ms. Deere breaks away from the norm in the beauty and design industry. She has styled her Lime Crime beauty place to offer a range of rare beauty services. She has eyeshadow palettes on the ready, lip gloss; the glittery type and what she says are lipsticks that are coveted to the extremes.



Doe Deere Figured Out a Unique Theme for Business



One of Deere’s primary assets is identifying where she can introduce something revolutionary and exciting. Her tutors at the beauty college must be a proud lot. Doe Deere is an innovative trendsetter. She has attained a celebrity status that now seems to work more magic for her. One of her companies, Rebellion Color, is focused on changing the way make up is done and perceived. She says, such a shift in the way people do their makeup starts from the shopping model. The beauty queen succeeded in taking shopping for cosmetics and makeup online. She now says her company; Lime Crime is an undisputed leader is setting the pace and shifting focus.



She Is a Rebellious Business Person



Doe Deere Explains Her Rebellious Themes, in interviews she now attracts. Deere says that she always tries not to be boring. She points out that one of the ways and the main way to being exciting is to keep rebelling. She explains that success calls for some level of obsession with an idea. Doe Deere says started off by designing her clothing. It was an ingenious idea because then she was her critique. She could manage. Her yearning for bright colors led her to begin making them herself because she couldn’t readily find them. Isn’t it amazing just how powerful minor things such as playing with the fairy tales can trigger a quest for something unique?


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