The Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is well known in the United States as he is one of the most popular radio personalities of the 21st century with his KIIS-FM “On Air with Ryan Secrest” morning radio show.. Seacrest is also well known as a television host as he has hosted American Idol and America Top 40.

Seacrest’s career began to take off in 1993 when he hosted the show “Radical Outdoor Challenge” on ESPN. Some of the other shows that he has hosted have been “Gladiators 2000”, “Wild Animal Games”, “Click”, and a reality show “Ultimate Revenge” on TNN.

Seacrest became the co-host of the FOX reality show “American Idol” in 2002. This is the career move the shot him to stardom. In 2003 he moved up from co-host on the show to the sole host. Seacrest also hosted the “American Idol” spin-off series “American Juniors”.

Seacrest’s next career move would be as the co-host of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” on ABC in 2005. Not only would Seacrest co-host the program, but he would also be the executive producer of the show. After Clark’s passing, Seacrest took over as the full time host and the show was renamed “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest”. He has also hosted on occasion for “Larry King Live” on CNN and co-hosted with Bill Maher King’s final broadcast in December of 2010.

As of July 21, 2015 Seacrest became the host of “Knock Knock Live“, a show where celebrities visit every day people who have done something special and reward them with their choice of either winning a prize, meeting celebrities or having there own personal dream come true.

In May of 2017 Kelly Ripa announced that Seacrest would be joining her on her morning show as a permanent co-host, now named “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Seacrest began as the co-host that same day.

Ryan Seacrest launched the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” in 2010, a non-profit that focuses on youth with both entertainment and educational initiatives. Singer and actress Selena Gomez was appointed by Seacrest as Ambassador to the Foundation in 2012.

Executing Retirement Methods While Enlisting Input from HCR Wealth Advisors

The term “Sandwich Generation” has been floating around for about a decade. It is used by financial advisors to describe people who are typically in their late thirties to early fifties that are financially supporting their aging parents and college-aged kids.

According to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan and data-driven think tank, one in seven middle-aged adults are supporting their aging parents as well as their own children.

Many of those in this situation are now experiencing those financial burdens, and those who want to prevent it, are seeking help from financial advisors like HCR Wealth Advisors to alleviate the financial burdens and to find viable solutions.

However, people can take matters into their own hands with a few practical tips:

  • Put money away early for retirement regardless of present responsibilities – pay “yourself” first through a retirement savings commitment.
  • Never leave money on the table such as company-matched retirement contributions through the workplace. A person should always try to contribute the maximum amount, which also has tax-deferred advantages.
  • Invest where feasible with discretionary income. Compound interest is a bargain that people often leave untapped. That is money received on top of money already gained.
  • Use tax-advantaged accounts for saving for college tuition. With tuition continuing to rise and no end in sight for a decrease, it is advantageous to lessen student debt. If not, the spare bedroom at an aging parent’s home might become occupied after graduation.

With people living longer, there is a sizable possibility that one parent will outlive their retirement fund. HCR Wealth Advisors also advises younger clients to familiarize themselves with an aging parent’s financial portfolio to prevent unexpected and uncertain times.

Since HCR Wealth Advisors has been in business, the firm’s advisory model has remained the same, develop personalized financial strategies tailored to each client’s needs and goals. Follow @HCRwealth on Facebook today.

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Alex Pall, Simplicity Thru Associations

The dyad which is the people whose names are Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall are the main team behind the band Chainsmokers. It is primarily just a label to their musical efforts, although there was an inspiration to the back story of how they came to be identified as such. Both of them are not just passionate and artistic individuals just like all the other artists. They realize that this spot light that everyone is fighting for is the center of attention where the artist is deemed and recognized as truly original. They seek not only to out run the competitive game that is the musical corporation, but they also hold dearly to the notion that they can allow others to see who it is they are behind all of the sonic waves and musical creativity. Their desire is that they are not just electronic beats in the headphones of their crowd and following, but that they can hold absolutely nothing back when it comes to their personal openness as people with innate thoughts and feelings. They augment this notion into the mixture of their work by not just adding in their input, but also depending and relying on the expertise of other talents as well to give the overall formation of the song that human quality and feel. For example, in their song Closer the band not only puts forth their thoughts, intentions, and ideas, but they also invited a guest star by the name of Halsey to incorporate her musical makings into the overall work of the creation. The result was that the male and the female voices conveyed and contrasted an intimate and human aspect into the song itself, which is exactly what Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were aiming to accomplish. They enjoy and relish working with other musically intelligent minds as described in one of their recent interviews on how they liked working with Halsey in particular as well.

Scott Rocklage And Kerrisdale Capital Fully Support The Mission Of Expansion Therapeutics

Scott Rocklage is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures, and his company as well as himself are taking a leading role in helping to raise money for Expansion Therapeutics. Sanofi Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, RA Capital Management, Novartis Venture Fund, and Alexandria Venture Investments all took part in the effort by investing in Expansion Therapeutics. The purpose for the Series A fundraising is to further the company’s fight against genetic disorders and especially the genetic disorder known as myotonic dystrophy type I or DM1. This disorder is the main cause for muscular dystrophy, and Expansion Therapeutics has been able to raise over $55 million for its cause, as of yet.


Scott Rocklage has been working in the healthcare industry for most of his life, and he knows how DM1 can have an affect on families. He is also fully aware that modern medicine, at this time, has no answer for DM1 and that the problem lies with the toxic amount of RNA molecules that can be produced inside the cells of some individuals. The problem with the disease is that it can get even worse for each generation that it is handed down to, but it is good that there are companies like Expansion Therapeutics who are looking to create medicines that can deal with RNA diseases like this one.


Scott Rocklage put out a press release indicating that Dr. Mathew D. Disney is the head of scientific research for the Expansion Therapeutics team. Dr. Disney has commented on the fact that he does not plan on giving up until RNA medications have been created that can combat RNA diseases and that he has been more than happy to be a part of the team that has been working for over a decade on the issue. He believes that small molecule medications are the solution and that these kinds of medications are close to being produced.


Scott Rocklage has been working in the healthcare management sector for more than three decades, and he became a Managing Partner with 5AM Ventures in 2004. He studied at the University of California, Berkeley where he received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry, and he continued his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. He has worked in a wide variety of leadership positions over the course of his career and was the main reason why Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan were able to get FDA approved.


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Jed McCaleb Teases Major Announcement with Stellar

Jed McCaleb began his career as a programmer but soon advanced to innovator. At eDonkey and Overnet, Jed McCaleb was able to create ground breaking protocols that changed the way people download files; at Mt. Gox, he created the first bitcoin exchange network of its kind. Now, at Stellar, Jed McCaleb is uniting financial institutions from all over the world, making international transactions safer, faster, and cheaper.

Stellar was co-founded by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim in order to unite the world, literally. Stellar works in a large number of countries in Asia, Europe and even the United States. Stellar uses its custom blockchain protocol to unite financial institutions together in a way that is preferable to more widespread methods. Stellar is even more efficient than other blockchain companies, operating with less nodes and clocking in at 5 second or less transaction speeds.

Jed McCaleb was introduced to the world of Bitcoin through an online news source called Slashdot. The article linked to a discussion forum where McCaleb was able to indulge in all things relating to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Thanks to McCaleb’s curiosity, he is now the CTO of a large financial based blockchain company.

“Before the Slashdot article, Bitcointalk had 200 people on there, and after the article it had like 2,000,” said McCaleb. Bitcointalk is the discussion forum where McCaleb first learned about bitcoin.

McCaleb built upon the open source software behind blockchain and reinvented it. With Mt. Gox users were able to conduct their transactions without setting up prior arrangements with the other user. Thanks to this innovative approach Mt. Gox made up for 80% of the total bitcoin transactions prior to it being sold.

Jed McCaleb has even further hopes with Stellar. As of right now, Stellar’s biggest partner is IBM, but that may be changing in the near future. Jed McCaleb is teasing a new member of the Stellar team, and he says its a gamechanger. McCaleb wouldn’t let loose the name of company that Stellar is partnering with, but he did explain that it would position Stellar to become a true global operator.

Jeremy Goldstein Believes A Compromise For Knockout Options Will Lead To The Highest Level Of Growth

There are many experts out there that have tackled the decade-old problem of incentives for companies and their employees. Most of the time things are okay, as people need to work and will take a job in spite of incentives that are available. But this is what allows for constant internal problems with employees for companies, which ultimately hurt yearly profits. In the past, the majority of companies out there have stuck to offering their employee’s company stock as an incentive for their work, but this is often a problem in the end. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading compensation experts in the state of New York that has been working to tackle this issue for a while now, and he believes he has come up with a solution.


This comes in the form of a knockout clause that will allow companies to change the typical method of offering stock options to their employees, saving money, time, and headaches. Jeremy Goldstein released his own overview of what these knockout options are and how they will ultimately affect the corporate world. Traditionally, the disadvantages of stock options are that they limit employees because they often cannot trade their options at good times. It’s also unpredictable in the sense that stock value goes up and down. This means that an employee can potentially receive a huge incentive at one time, but a poor one at another time. This is good and bad for both sides.


While there are some advantages to stock options, they do not come int he form of balance or predictability. With knockout options in effect, companies will be able to compensate their employees how they see fit, typically in larger paychecks from week to week, which is what most employees prefer in the long run. This is why Jeremy thinks it will be beneficial for the long-term growth of corporations. As a compensation lawyer with more than 15 years behind him, working with high-profile clients throughout his career, Jeremy is more than qualified to be making his claims. He also currently runs one of the top compensation law firms in the country, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC in New York. Learn more: