Rocketship Education’s Holistic Learning Approach

Rocketship Education Public Charter School System works with students from low-income communities in order to help them to reach their full academic potential through personalized learning, talent development, and parent partnerships. The non-profit school system serves K-12 through a combination of exceptional educators and parents. Founded in 2007 in California, Rocketship Education had only seven teachers and a little over one hundred families. After a lot of handwork and dedication, Rocketship Education now has over 1,000 talented teachers and has helped 15,000 students from low-income communities across the nation.

Rocketship Education specializes in helping students to realize and reach their full academic potential by combining personalized learning and parental power with talent development. This system provides a dynamic teaching environment, an innovative learning atmosphere, and a stable academic experience. This allows for students with all learning types to be assisted in an interesting and stable learning environment.

While many public schools do not have time to allow students to explore their interests, Rocketship Education welcomes that opportunity and encourages students to find their passion. The teaching system utilizes a dynamic teaching environment so that all students can learn at their own pace no matter their learning style may be. An innovative learning atmosphere helps to keep the students motivated and interested, unlike many public schools where students start to fall behind and feel discouraged. Rocketship Education also provides a stable academic experience to provide a safe, stable environment to eliminate distractions and help the students reach their goals. Because low-income families have enough stress at home, Rocketship Education tries to eliminate the cost and stress of education for students so they will build excitement to learn.

If a student falls behind, the personalized, holistic learning plan that is offered will bring them back up where they need to be without making them feel bad or ashamed like many of the public school systems do. In the midst of this, the student is also developing their talent in certain areas where they show talent and skill.

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