Jed McCaleb: Banking and Blockchain

He is the creator of Mt. Gox bitcon exchange and a well known founder of Stellar. Jed McCaleb has a prediction that fast growing blockchain technology will ultimately change the banking industry. He states that blockchain will become a payment network on a universal scale. McCaleb points out that the markets are not at all trapped in our financial systems. In addition, he sees non-cryptoassets to be digitized with the blockchain technology. McCaleb has been a developer of cryptocurrency for a very long time and sees the future of our markets regarding stock and handling payment will change forever.

Jed MaCaleb says it very clear to him that a universal payment system is coming. It will possibly be a ledger the public can use and see but can’t change. He goes on to say that it will let them use different types of money such as dollars and euros. His company, Stellar, is currently working on solutions. Transaction times could be settled in 5 seconds or less, which is not too far off from bitcoin. It also gives users the opportunity to have a fast exchange with government currencies. Stellar’s network is helping IBM in its effort to create cross over payments with the big banks.

Research shows that coin offerings raised up to $9 million in four years as reported by Autonomous Next, a financial research firm. However, many fraudsters have leeched on to the coin offerings and brought about regulator’s attention to the system. Some say the sales are simply a new way to raise funds. In the world of seeking venture capital, token sales can go to retail investors who can buy digital coins. The tokens allow investors great access to a new future platform.

McCaleb believes that all equity funds are basically tokenized in blockchain. He further says that people will want to trade several things and it will be important to control the exchange. Maryland-based, Securrency, is now helping investors buy their stocks with bitcoin. This is one startup already striving to connect digital tokens when it comes to investing. As for McCleb, he sold his exchange in 2011 where it was eventually hacked.

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Understanding Freedom Checks and how to Invest in Them

Understanding Freedom Checks and how to Invest in Them

For the past five years, the internet has been full of spammy emails from people who promise investors millions of cash from their investment schemes. However, most of these emails and pop-up adverts cannot be relied on because they are not genuine. For that reason, when a reliable investment advisor like Matt Badiali comes up with a genuine investment scheme, prospective investors are usually left wondering if the story line is the same. That is exactly what happened when he released a video about checks. In the video, Badiali is seen holding a hefty check like the ones you receive as the tax refund following the tax season. Watch this video at Youtube.

The Introduction

After watching the video, many people have asked the same question you have probably asked. Are freedom checks government issued programs like Medicaid and social security funds? Well, to answer this question, it is important to look at who operates these checks in the first place.


checks are operated by Master Limited Partnerships companies (MLPs). These are public limited partnerships companies. Their profits are often taxed only if investors receive their contributions. Usually, it does not really matter if the company is liquid. What matters is the fact that they are in a position to give up more than 90% of their shares to investors. Moreover, an MLP has several advantages because it is traded on several tax advantages. That is why the companies manage to pay investors.

Why you Should Invest in Freedom Checks

What is more, MLPs majorly operate in the production and supply of oil and gas. If you have been keen on monitoring the export and import of these products, then you certainly know that of late, America has been producing its oil. This means that the Middle East is hardly supplying the same products to America. Therefore, there is a rise in MLP companies in America. That is why it is easy to invest in freedom checks.

The Observation

Other questions people have asked include who discovered freedom checks and how credible they are. Well, checks have been here for decades. However, novice investors kept the secret from the public because they did not want to share the profits generated from this investment scheme. Even so, it is clear that Matt Badiali cares for people. That is why he took it upon himself to share this investment idea with the public. Also, given the fact that he has vast experience in the business, it is clear that he can be trusted.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco and His Excellent Achievements in the Bank of Bradesco

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco is from Brazil where he specializes in the banking and financial industry. He has been able to serve as the president of Bradesco Bank which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. Luiz Trabuco has been recognized for his, and he was even featured in a magazine as the entrepreneur of the year in 2015. Luiz Carlos Trabuco currently works as the acting chairman of the directors at the Bank of Bradesco.

Luiz Trabuco studied in Sao Paulo where he managed to acquire a degree Socio-Psychology. He has been put among the best CEOs in Brazil courtesy of the Forbes Magazine, and he has also earned a place in one of the most influential people in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked as a clerk in Banco Bradesco earlier during the start of his career. He kept enhancing his skills at work, and 15 years later he got the position of the Marketing Director. During his term as the marketing director, the bank had established good relationships with the media, and this was because of his efforts in creating efficient communication within the firm.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked under the docket of marketing for eight years where he later became the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdencia which was a company that was privately owned and it mostly specialized on private pensions.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco rose through the ranks and became the Banco Bradesco Managing Director and later he earned the position of Executive Vice President of the Bank. Luiz was able to help the firm achieve many things especially after the company had its stock on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Bradesco Seguros led the insurance company and he also contributed to its success in the market.

After many years in the sector and gaining of experience for more than 40 years, Luiz Carlos was appointed to become the president of the firm, and he became the 4th President of the Bank since it’s formation. The founder of the Bank. Amador Aguiar died in 1991, but his legacy still lives on. Under the leadership of Trabuco, HSBC was purchased in Brazil.

This was one of the most significant properties that the bank had ever purchased which was also highlighted as largest business conducted in Brazil for the year. Trabuco led the bank, and over his tenure, tremendous growth was experienced within the institution. Later in March 2018 Octavio de Lazari took over and became the chairman of the Bank, but Luiz Trabuco was still the head of the council presidency.

HCR Wealth Advisors – A Path To Financial Security

The idea of retirement can sometimes bring on anxiety, depression, self- esteem problems, and a host of other feelings. However, HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, is here to help you. The firm is now heading the “New Retirement” era that is upon us all. There are many challenges that happen when you are going through the process of retirement, such as a disconnect from daily socialization, knowing you have a schedule to keep, and also the ‘life’ routine we have when we are working.

The idea behind the New Retirement is for HCR Wealth Advisors to help clients through the process of not only financially planning for retirement but also to help the individual that they are coming from something, to something, not just leaving something behind. There are very many non-financial aspects of retirement that HCR Wealth Advisors can help strategize for.

When you are planning your retirement not only do you have to think about the longevity of your money, you also have to plan for your overall health, your personal development, your relationships, and the kind of living/leisure activities will you be enjoying. As many as 10,000 or more individuals are retiring every day and life expectancy is over 30 years after retirement, so with that in mind do not think of retirement as an ending but a beginning.

HCR Wealth Advisors can create personalized financial strategies for each client, strive to protect clients against risks, and educate clients about strategies. The firm looks at a client’s overall needs and goes through a step-by-step the process to create strategies. HCR Wealth Advisors prides itself in empowering clients through trust. Through the New Retirement plan, HCR Wealth Advisors uses more than just the financial side to make sure you have all options available through the firm to implement. HCR Wealth Advisors understands that every plan needs a plan B and can need some fine tuning as you are working towards retirement or already in retirement, looking for a new financial partner. Get help from HCR Wealth through their LinkedIn account.

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Roberto Santiago Has Earned His Respect In The Business World With Hard Work And Vision

Roberto Santiago made a name for himself when he created the Manaira Shopping Mall. This is a unique and distinctive mall located in Paraiba. The mall opened in November of 1989 and provided tourists and residents with a combination of fun and leisure. The Manaira represents a strong investment venture for Roberto Santiago. One of the highlights of the mall are eleven movie theatres complete with modern technology for cinematic projections.


Roberto Santiago also incorporated a 3D and VIP room with glamorous armchairs and a stadium system. The Game Station amusement park has 200 machines for gaming. Each machine has a different design to ensure all different tastes are met. The Manaira Shopping Mall also boasts an extremely large concert hall on the rooftop named Domus Hall. The hall accommodates 4,000 seated or 10,000 standing. The second floor encompasses ten private cabins for guests with private dressing rooms and lounge music. The ground floor was designed to host events such as mega shows, weddings, private events, stand-ups, and graduations. In addition to entertainment, the Manaira Shopping Mall offers a taste of culture.


Knowledge regarding specific cultures is fostered by numerous exhibitions showcasing diverse cultures. Once this aspect was established, Roberto Santiago entered into a partnership with the purchasing center. He supports social projects so children from different places are able to understand and enjoy the exhibitions. This is one of many reasons the Manaira Shopping Mall has been recognized not only in Paraiba but all over the country. The mall covers 75,000 square meters and provides in excess of 300 stores.


Roberto Santiago is also responsible for creating the Mangabeira Shopping Center. This major enterprise opened to the public in November of 2014. This mall is considered the most recognized commercial enterprises in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago has not only become very successful as a businessman, he has excelled in sports. He was the first prize winner in several state championships as well as the first Brazilian to win the kart championship. Roberto Santiago also entered several motocross competitions where he received titles. His entry into the Paraibano championship resulted in wins in the 125cc, 250cc, 250vc and Northeast categories.


Roberto Santiago has always had the ability to recognize a good opportunity. He is said to seize these opportunities at the slightest hint. He is considered to be a man with great vision, highly skilled as an entrepreneur and attentive to the details and growth of all his ventures. His career started out small and has grown to massive proportions. The business world views him with respect. He has come a long way from his beginnings at Cafe Santa Rosa with a legacy that shines brightly. The life of Roberto Santiago is a success story.


The Success Story of Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a professional who has so many titles. Toner has achieved a lot of milestones while working as a radio show host, real estate investor, consultant and speaker. In his successful career life, the businessman has traveled to different parts of the country, trying to speak about the benefits of real estate investing in the modern times. Jim Toner has been fortunate to appear in crucial television shows with prominent personalities such as Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and many others. Working with these important figures in the media shows that Toner is highly experienced in whatever he has specialized in. Just like all other influential people in the market, Jim Toner has a success story to tell. The businessman did not just wake up to find himself in the real estate industry. According to a recent interview, the businessman had to work and preserver so many challenges so that he could emerge successfully.

Jim Toner is highly experienced in matters concerning real estate. Because of his expertise, the businessman has been trying his best to make sure that real estate investments are user-friendly, especially in the modern complicated times. His services are always at a high demand in the market, and he has assisted the general public to come up with the best investments regardless of the hardships that are taking place. There are many people in the world who currently pay more than fifteen thousand dollars so that they can come to the United States and attend the investment programs that are conducted by the businessman. His expertise is on a higher level, and people trust his views in business.

According to, Jim Toner did not become an accomplished real estate entrepreneur in just a day. According to a recent interview, the businessman has been working in real estate for the last two and half decades, and he has acquired a lot of knowledge concerning most of the things that give investors sleepless nights. In the course of this career, the businessman has done a lot for himself and the community. Apart from earning a lot of wealth from the great investments he has been making, the businessman has assisted so many people to invest in real estate by offering them the guidance they deserve. Jim Toner said he is also a generous individual who knows that importance of sharing his wealth with the less fortunate people in the community. Many people from needy communities in the society have received the support they yearn from the serial entrepreneur. There are thousands of professionals who currently enjoy their financial freedom just because they got help from the renowned real estate entrepreneur. Toner enjoys his career as a real estate investor, and he also loves talking and helping the communities around him.

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Matt Badiali promoting freedom checks

On the internet, you will find hundreds of spammy ads promising people a chance to make huge amounts of money easily. Most of these are scams which promise to turn you into an overnight millionaire without ever investing your time and efforts on anything. There are too much of such scams being advertised on the internet that even becomes to distinguish a real thing and a fake one. Many people have lost money in such scams, and at the end, the credibility of the whole industry is lost. Today, you will find that even at a time when there is a legitimate deal going on, it will still be dismissed as a scam. There is too much fear among the people when it comes to investing in new ideas which they have never heard of before. It is for the same reason that many Americans today are losing an opportunity to invest in freedom checks. Check at to know more.

Matt Badiali is the person behind the freedom checks ads. He is providing information on how to make legitimate money through investment. By following his guidance, you could be the next person to enjoy a monthly or quarterly freedom check. Freedom checks are not a scam as some people may dismiss them. Lack of understanding is the reason some people have not yet known what they are. For those who do not understand where the whole idea of freedom checks, they need to relook at America’s goal of energy independence. But even before understanding that, we need to answer the question on, who is Matt Badiali? Some people have dismissed his ads because they do not even know who he is.

Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining of natural resources. For two decades, he has been involved in different initiatives in the mining, agriculture and energy sectors. He has real experience in mining since he has spent time in different countries studying how mining operations are going on. He is one of the people who understand the industry clearly. He holds a masters degree in geology.

Freedom checks originate from companies which operate in the energy sector. The concentration is mainly on companies which produce oil and gas. According to Matt Badiali, there is a shortage of oil from the Middle East and an increase of oil and natural gas production in the United States. The companies in the energy sector are therefore expected to make huge profits in future and in return pay investors very well. Over $34 billion is at stake according to Badiali. You can learn more freedom checks by visiting


Jeremy Goldstein

As one of the most talented Lawyers in the business, Jeremy Goldstein is more that just your next face in the crowd when it comes to recognition. A very well respected law firm is also one of his main sources of influence, in terms of the legal and charitable causes he participates in.

Jeremy Goldstein is also a very important participant in a sub-committee of the American Bar Associations Business Section. As chairman, Goldstein has been close to various corporate deals that have benefited from his participation and stewardship over the past decade.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, the workday is where everything takes place in his world, so therefore it is of utmost importance to ensure that everyday is productive. Knowing there are zero short cuts in his particular line of work exemplifies the art of the negotiation, as well as advisory roles and the process of drafting. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Goldstein also goes on to say that this level of productivity and quality require the availability of someone who is essentially on call for 24 hours 7 days a week. Taking this scheduling into consideration, Goldstein explains that the only possible way for him to manage his time and create the most productive environment possible is to limit the number of engagements that he accepts.

The task of being a lawyer is shared by many, and all along the way some have figured out different ways of managing and excelling at this career. When it comes to Jeremy Goldstein, he feels as though a personal approach fits best when describing ways to ensure he deploys the most active tactics in a social environment. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Taking that into account, the real effort that he uses to truly engage with his clients is a mutual feeling shared by both parties. That method of exchange is what separates a familiar relationship with one that is purely professional.

During an interview, Goldstein was asked what is something that he could do over and what are some recommendations that he would give others in his early year.

He goes on to explain how a client asked him to pursue the purchase of new technology in a fairly aggressive manner. He then relates it to not waiting to purchase a new computer after the one you have has already crashed. This level of preparedness has translated in many ways to how he runs his many companies.

As stated, Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is in fact a boutique law firm with a dedication to the advice to compensation committes, as well as managing teams and also to CEOs.

Prior to Goldstein founding a firm of his own, he was a partner at another law firm. He also has degrees from both New York University School of Law and University of Chicago.

Heather Russell Joins TransUnion as the Chief Legal Officer

General Information About TransUnion

TransUnion is a firm that operates under the philosophy of the power of information. They provide businesses with the right information and statistics which can influence the decision of an enterprise. They employ the necessary materials and techniques to ensure their objectives are met. They mainly operate within North America states.

Heather Russell lands New Job at TransUnion

The Management board of TransUnion recently released a press statement that discussed new job appointments. The report indicated the appointment of Heather Russell as the new Chief Legal Officer and Vice Executive officer of the firm. They said that the decision of selecting Heather Russell was achieved based on her qualifications, and previous job experiences. According to Wikipedia, she will be responsible for overseeing all legal issues related to the firm. Moreover, she is expected to handle the problems regarding FinTech, consumer data protection, corporate governance as well as government relations with the firm. She will be expected to participate in the TransUnion Executive Committee where she will air the progress of the firm and contributions. The management of the firm indicated that Heather Russell would be reporting to TransUnion’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Peck.

When TransUnion’s CEO was told to comment on the new appointment of Heather Russell, she said that she deserves the post based on her qualifications. Jim added that Heather Russell has vast knowledge and experiences in the legal finance field. He believes that they both can work to ensure that the objectives of TransUnion are met.

Heather Russell said that she was happy to join TransUnion on her new job posting. She added that TransUnion is a firm that is committed to achieving its objectives. She stated that she believes her skills will be of great help to the company.

Heather Russell is an experienced professional who has served many firms in the field of Legal finance.

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Real Money, Real Investment With Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is a real investment based strategy to help other gain money. Matt Badiali a real life person with multiple degrees such as his Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University in Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences in 1992, a Master’s degree in Geology/Earth Sciences from Florida Atlantic University in 2000 and a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005. Shows in a recent video how this is not just a get rich quick scam but instead something that someone, anyone could potentially turn into their way of making a huge check. Visit the website to learn more.

Does this actually Work? And What Are They?

Freedom Checks are checks given to investors from companies. These are called Master Limited Partnerships(MLP). They typically are from companies that focus on producers, processors and transporters of gas and oil. However, the company can only be a MLP if it gives 90% of the money it gains to the investors.

This is not just free money given to you after one investment you have to be prepared that if you actually want to make money and receive the earnings you have to make multiple investments to these MLP’s. Freedom Checks on the checks given to the investors of the money that they will receive from their investments.

Different Types of MLP’s

There are two different kinds of MLP’s, There are those that involve limited partners who purchase MLP shares and provide the initial capital. Then there are general partners who are responsible for operating the MLP on an ongoing, daily basis. It’s the investors choice of which one he would like to invest in based on what kind of MLP they are looking for.

So What Are You Being Offered?

You are NOT being offered free money. What you are being offered to receive is a membership to Matt Badiali “Real Wealth Strategy” newsletter which will show you the 5 MLP’s he recommends. However, right now there are about 568 companies issuing Freedom Checks to their investors and this are either monthly or quarterly checks.

Freedom Checks is not a scam it is an investment strategy provided to those who are interested in possibly making money and having it mailed to them directly and information and help can be provided to them through Matt Badiali news letter. Read: