Fagali Airport and Island

     The Apia Fagali Airport has a connection to the small tourist city of Apia. Aside from the exotic city where you can relax on its gorgeous beaches, the Apia Fagali Airport has two airlines that travel through the location. Polynesian Airlines offers direct flights even from Honolulu and also from the United States. Apia city is not expensive to visit, in fact, you will actually save on your budget when visiting between hotels and resorts.

Taxis will transport your from the Fagali Airport to the city under five minutes. While there in Apia, tourists can learn the rich history of the island and tastes their delicious food. Apia is known as tropical spot to head to and soak in the 85 degree weather that occurs all year round. Many have flocked to this destination area to get souvenirs, attend the flea market and view the ancient worship temples. The Fagali Airport is engulfed in the rainforest that nestles the city of Apia and shows off it’s beautiful culture of Samoans. Travelers come face to face with people in the village whose families have lived their for centuries. One notable explorer is the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson, known for his short stories and poems.

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