Heather Russell Joins TransUnion as the Chief Legal Officer

General Information About TransUnion

TransUnion is a firm that operates under the philosophy of the power of information. They provide businesses with the right information and statistics which can influence the decision of an enterprise. They employ the necessary materials and techniques to ensure their objectives are met. They mainly operate within North America states.

Heather Russell lands New Job at TransUnion

The Management board of TransUnion recently released a press statement that discussed new job appointments. The report indicated the appointment of Heather Russell as the new Chief Legal Officer and Vice Executive officer of the firm. They said that the decision of selecting Heather Russell was achieved based on her qualifications, and previous job experiences. According to Wikipedia, she will be responsible for overseeing all legal issues related to the firm. Moreover, she is expected to handle the problems regarding FinTech, consumer data protection, corporate governance as well as government relations with the firm. She will be expected to participate in the TransUnion Executive Committee where she will air the progress of the firm and contributions. The management of the firm indicated that Heather Russell would be reporting to TransUnion’s Chief Executive Officer Jim Peck.

When TransUnion’s CEO was told to comment on the new appointment of Heather Russell, she said that she deserves the post based on her qualifications. Jim added that Heather Russell has vast knowledge and experiences in the legal finance field. He believes that they both can work to ensure that the objectives of TransUnion are met.

Heather Russell said that she was happy to join TransUnion on her new job posting. She added that TransUnion is a firm that is committed to achieving its objectives. She stated that she believes her skills will be of great help to the company.

Heather Russell is an experienced professional who has served many firms in the field of Legal finance.

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