Luiz Carlos Trabuco and His Excellent Achievements in the Bank of Bradesco

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco is from Brazil where he specializes in the banking and financial industry. He has been able to serve as the president of Bradesco Bank which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. Luiz Trabuco has been recognized for his, and he was even featured in a magazine as the entrepreneur of the year in 2015. Luiz Carlos Trabuco currently works as the acting chairman of the directors at the Bank of Bradesco.

Luiz Trabuco studied in Sao Paulo where he managed to acquire a degree Socio-Psychology. He has been put among the best CEOs in Brazil courtesy of the Forbes Magazine, and he has also earned a place in one of the most influential people in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked as a clerk in Banco Bradesco earlier during the start of his career. He kept enhancing his skills at work, and 15 years later he got the position of the Marketing Director. During his term as the marketing director, the bank had established good relationships with the media, and this was because of his efforts in creating efficient communication within the firm.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked under the docket of marketing for eight years where he later became the CEO of Bradesco Vida e Previdencia which was a company that was privately owned and it mostly specialized on private pensions.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco rose through the ranks and became the Banco Bradesco Managing Director and later he earned the position of Executive Vice President of the Bank. Luiz was able to help the firm achieve many things especially after the company had its stock on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Bradesco Seguros led the insurance company and he also contributed to its success in the market.

After many years in the sector and gaining of experience for more than 40 years, Luiz Carlos was appointed to become the president of the firm, and he became the 4th President of the Bank since it’s formation. The founder of the Bank. Amador Aguiar died in 1991, but his legacy still lives on. Under the leadership of Trabuco, HSBC was purchased in Brazil.

This was one of the most significant properties that the bank had ever purchased which was also highlighted as largest business conducted in Brazil for the year. Trabuco led the bank, and over his tenure, tremendous growth was experienced within the institution. Later in March 2018 Octavio de Lazari took over and became the chairman of the Bank, but Luiz Trabuco was still the head of the council presidency.

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