Christopher Linkas Breaks Down Commercial Real Estate

Christopher Linkas is a Commercial Real Estate Investor and would like to share his knowledge with others that are thinking about investing in commercial real estate. Christopher strongly believes that knowledge is the key to success in investing in the commercial real estate market. Today, it is easy to find plenty of information on the current market. However, Christopher Linkas is an insider that shares important advice.


Understanding Real Estate

Christopher Linkas shares these facts and breaks it down in simple terms. If you live in a private home or property. This is considered residential real estate that you live in alone or with your family. You shop at your favorite retail store, which is in a commercial building. A family member works in a building that manufacturers parts for a vehicle. This is industrial real estate.


Commercial Real Estate

According to Christopher Linkas, commercial real estate is a building or property that is primarily used for commerce purposes or buying and selling. If you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate property, it is a good idea to consult with an expert in commercial real estate. Contact a commercial real estate company that is experienced with buying and selling commercial property. Christopher Linkas states that many new investors make serious investment errors. A commercial real estate company, will clear up many of the misconceptions that the new investor has about commercial properties.


Today, Christopher Linkas is the head of a European credit group that is based in London. He has applied his own unique investment strategies to acquiring commercial properties in the UK and European regions. He has a wealth of investment knowledge that he likes to share with new investors and young investors. Christopher’s previous experience was in a commercial real estate firm that was based in New York. His expert knowledge encompassed credit and real estate funding to real estate investments.

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Christopher Linkas Shares the Intricacies of Commercial Real Estate Investment

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