Betsy DeVos Continues To Lead The Charge To See Educational Choice As A True Freedom In The U.S.A.

Most people know Betsy DeVos as a billionaire and the Secretary of Education for the United States. Others know her as a businesswoman who has done a lot for the state of Michigan and the city of Grand Rapids. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is also a billionaire who has worked to improve the state of Michigan and the United States, as a whole, for many years. What the average American doesn’t know about Betsy DeVos is that she is also a reformer who has been fighting for their educational rights for many years. It is her hope that one day every American family will be able to send their children to a school of their choosing without having to break the bank to do it.


In the U.S.A., public schools are where most children receive their education, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many private schools, charter schools, and even options for homeschooling children in the country, but many of these tend to cost more than most people can afford. Betsy DeVos has been working behind the scenes for many years to pass legislation that would allow public funds to pay for the tuition of private and charter schools for young Americans. This is called educational choice, and, believe it or not, this concept used to seem radical to many people.


Betsy DeVos attended a private high school when she was younger, and she also grew up in Holland, Michigan, which is a Dutch community. The people there were strong believers in educational choice, and these beliefs rubbed off on Mrs. DeVos. After graduating from high school, she attended a private Christian college by the name of Calvin College and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics while there. She became very involved with the politics on the campus, and her interest in politics continued after she graduated. She ended up serving as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for 6 years and also supported her husband when he ran to be the governor of the state.


Betsy DeVos has never stopped fighting for educational choice and is known for her ability to cross over political party lines and other social boundaries to make allies that will join her. She recently made a surprise appearance with the rapper Pitbull in Florida at one of the many charter schools he has started up. She also went on a tour of other schools in Florida and was joined by Queen Rania of Jordan and Melania Trump. As a conservative Christian, many people were surprised when she was seen with Pitbull, but she knows that she is doing the right thing because, in the end, it is all about supporting the education freedoms of the people of the U.S.A.


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