Clinical Research Leader Panos Gikas

Leader of clinical research endeavors in the field hip and knee reconstruction, using stem cells and robotic instruments, and the treatment of bone and soft tissue cancer; Panos Gikas is a well published live presenter on various topics relating to hip, knee and bone cancer surgeries. Panos Gikas completed his medical school and postgraduate training upon graduating from University College London and is currently an orthopedic surgeon at Royal National Orthopedic Hospital NHS trust located in the city of London England, United Kingdom.


Panos Gikas specializes in various medical techniques, surgeries and treatments including primary and revision hip and knee joint replacements and reconstructions, arthroscopy, arthroplasty, stem cell transplantation for cartilage damage, orthopedic and trauma surgery, knee cartilage injuries, the surgical management of primary and metastatic bone cancer, and rehabilitation. He is also an expert in the treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcomas and metastatic bone disease and can accommodate a wide variety of patients fluently speaking English, Greek, and French I’m the European region.


Panos Gikas Specialist clinical interest include a less-invasive anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, primary and revision hip and knee joint replacement surgeries, complex hip and knee revisions and reconstructions , the use of custom-made surgical instruments and the use of robotics in knee replacement surgeries, the use of cartilage and stem-cell techniques to address defects in cartilage, the management of major soft tissue and bone cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, the surgical management of metastatic bone disease, knee arthroscopy, cartilage and stem cell transplants for articular cartilage damage

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