OSI Food Solutions Sets the Pace in the Hospitality Industry

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that specializes in the hospitality industry producing and distributing quality food to restaurants in the retail market and other food companies. The company has many branches in the United States and has employed scores of people. OSI Food Company focuses on consumers’ tastes and preferences in their production department to ensure that products meet and exceed the expectation of many clients. The company has an excellent reputation and has established its brand over the years as the premier company in the manufacture and processing of fast foods.

The Expansion of OSI Food Solutions

The company has a management team that focused on efficient delivery of tasks through coordination of its several production departments. The company aims to expand operations in many countries in Europe and drive up sales. The company’s expansion program started in 2016 where it announced the purchase of Baho Foods Company. Baho Foods have subsidiaries with processing companies in Germany and the Netherlands and has been distributing convenience foods and deli meat across Europe. The acquisition of the company comes in line with its effort to meet their customers’ demand in an extended region in Europe.

The company also acquired Tyson Foods-a company with operation in Chicago. Tyson Foods has food processing plants in Chicago that specialize in processing and distribution of meatballs and chicken products. OSI Food Solutions also purchased another company in the United Kingdom to penetrate Britain’s market. Flagship Europe company was acquired to increase the dominance of OSI Food Solutions in the region and increase the distribution of food products to the food service industries in the UK. OSI Group has a team of dedicated employees who strive to create value for the products that they offer. The chief executive officer points out that the success the company has achieved over the years is attributed to research-based innovations that seek to find solutions to the people’s needs.

Awards and recognition

OSI Industries has won prestigious awards and earned recognition in honor of their commitment to producing quality products that meet the customers’ needs. The British Safety Council presented the firm with a prestigious Globe of Honor award for 2016. The company received the award for their excellence in the management of environmental hazards.

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