A Look Into Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Extensive Career

A prominent name in the beauty industry, Dan Bethelmy-Rada paired his progressive ideals with his diverse outlooks in hopes of ascending through the ranks of his domain. Currently the DMI General Manager of the L’Oreal Professional Products Division, Bethelmy-Rada’s lofty ambitions materialized. With Bethelmy-Rada’s great honor comes great responsibility. A man of tremendous resolve, Bethelmy-Rada relishes the grand duties that fall under his umbrella. In essence, Bethelmy-Rada is responsible for driving novel ideas to the forefront, creating unparalleled marketing paradigms, and monitoring up-and-coming trends. His expertise and moxie ensure that he excels on all these fronts.

Lauded for his refreshing perspectives, Bethelmy-Rada is a visionary to the core. He attributes his open-mindedness to his travels. A keen admirer of Europe, Bethelmy-Rada’s traveled all around the globe in pursuit of varied definitions of what’s considered beautiful. During his travels, Bethelmy-Rada discovered that there’s no yardstick for beauty and that it’s an elusive concept that will perpetually evolve. In the hopes of feeding his creative appetite, Bethelmy-Rada took up photography during his explorations. According to Bethelmy-Rada, photography helps him find “beauty in undervalued and underestimated places and subjects.” Photography is now one of his favorite pastimes.

When he’s not thriving at the helm of L’Oreal, Bethelmy-Rada’s honing his entrepreneurial skills. Bethelmy-Rada subscribes to the notion that any entrepreneur worth their salt has mastered a harmonious work-life balance. It’s for this reason why Bethelmy-Rada dedicates ample time to his doting husband and precious children. In fact, they spend each morning together catching up and sending one another off for the day. From there, Bethelmy-Rada enjoys alone time as it allows his creative juices to flow. Above all else, Bethelmy-Rada is a well-rounded family man of noble values. As his career continues to evolve, Bethelmy-Rada hopes to maintain the honorable repute he currently holds.

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