Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is an marketing expert that has spent most of his career doing quality control and working with the FDA over drugs that the companies he has worked developed. Having a degree in biologics working with medical companies that developed drugs seemed to be a perfect fit. Because of his higher education he was able to understand exactly what compounds are in the drugs, how they work, and what the medication consists of. With a clear understanding of what the drugs are made from and how they work he was able to accurately represent them by using his own words and thus market them himself.

Thus, he became successful working for drug companies early on allowing him to get promotions and move up in the quality assurance department. For most of his career that is where he stayed even getting as far as to be the vice president of quality control in a company where he over saw many different medications that did eventually make it to market. After thirty three years and a spotless record where none of the drugs he over saw ever got recalled or deemed unsafe he is now moving on. In Florida Edwin is now the CEO of a marketing firm that is based out of Miami but is a global company. The company is still considered young but thanks to Edwin it quickly is becoming a powerhouse for marketing. The company offers its services to companies of all shapes and sizes. Even for large companies when they hire on Edwin’s company they no longer have a need to have their own marketing department as the company will take care of everything. In order to well take care of every company that hires them Edwin has teams of people that only do a set amount of companies so that they will be available whenever needed.

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