Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together

The inspiring story of Hawkers Co. is not new on most popular platforms. People who are starting businesses with humble backgrounds are encouraged by the four founders behind this massive fashion organization. The founders did not attempt business just once. The fashion eyewear they got from the United States when one of them was visiting the country is what brought a new dawn in the country. To get into fashion, the friends began by reselling the sunglasses their friend brought from California. The brand being resold was known as Knockaround, and it laid an ideal foundation for business professionals to become independent. The progress seemed good at first until the demand in the Spain local market become too much to handle. The four founders searched for Alejandro Betancourt Lopez because they didn’t want to lose grip of the fashion market. Impressive business investors do not waste resources where there is no potential. The Hawkers founders got the best help when they introduced Lopez into their struggling business.

With Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, it was quite easy to develop ideal eyewear for customers. The devices introduced proved to be very practical for clients. The sunglasses were very protective and stylish at the same time. The attention of the customers was mostly captured by the reasonable costs of the products. In other organizations, similar items were costing an arm and a leg. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez used his marketing expertise to enlarge his grip in the market. Celebrities inside and outside the country were allowed to market the sunglasses during their performances in various locations in the world. Students in higher learning institutions joined the fashion platform in the marketing processes. With the combined efforts, everything worked perfectly for the individuals involved in the growth of the company. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez became the president of the company.