Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together


It was the wake of 1992 when the now SF Giants CEO Larry Baer met with Peter Magowan to discuss about a team that would represent San Francisco in the basketball sports.

The Giants CEO is an energetic and visionary leader agreed with Peter that something has to be done. Barely four years after the meeting, Larry Baer was appointed to take up one of the leading roles in the newly-formed team as SF Giants Chief Operating Officer.

Two years later, Larry received another appointment. This time, he was named the company president. Oblivious of how his managerial prowess changed things at Oracle Park, Larry Baer was further named SF Giants CEO, a position he assumed in 2012.

After being at Oracle Park for over 30 years, it is evident that Larry Baer will be the man to depend on for many things. Indeed, there is no single deal that has taken place in Oracle Park that Larry doesn’t know. Whether it is sitting for long hours in the boardroom discussing team matters with Bryce Harper or it is chasing Zack Greinke, the man has all the details.

In fact, Larry Baer has been everywhere including taking flights to Las Vegas in order to broker a deal with a client. With all these and other efforts, it is evident that all that the SF Giants CEO wants is good and prosperity for the boys. Speaking recently about the future of the boys, the Giants CEO said, “The future of the park and the boys depends entirely on how we see the progress in the farm system. It is true that many parties are involved, but progress in the farm system is key.”

Mr. Baer said that he remained optimistic that as the number of Covid-19 goes down nationally and, in the state, there is a likelihood that Oracle Park will reopen fully. Watch this video for related information.


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