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The CashFX Group is a forex educational platform based in Panama City, Panama.

The group provides educational opportunities for its members, including seminars, workshops, webinars, and personal coaching.

The group also provides a forum for members to discuss trading ideas and share strategies.

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CashFX Group was founded in 2013 by a group of traders from the Forex market who wanted to provide an educational platform for their peers.

The group initially started as a forum where members could share information on the Forex market and discuss trading ideas but soon moved into providing seminars and workshops to teach its members advanced trading strategies and techniques.

Membership Programs

The CashFX Group offers three different membership programs based on the level of education that each member wants to receive.

Members who join the group can choose between two different levels of education – Level 1 & Level 2 – which are designed for beginners and advanced traders, respectively.

Each membership level comes with additional benefits such as access to exclusive content, monthly webinars, and online coaching sessions.

Each member receives a personalized account manager who will help them with their trading strategies and provide them with the best recommendations to improve their performance.

The Benefit of Learning with the Trading Academy

The CashFX Group provides its members with several benefits with their membership.

The group offers several seminars and workshops designed to help its members improve their trading strategies.

The group also provides personal coaching sessions designed to help members work on specific trading areas to enhance their performance.

The group also has a forum where members can discuss trading ideas and strategies.

Trading Tools

The CashFX Group is an educational platform for its members, but it also provides them with the tools they need to trade successfully.

The group’s tools include the CashFX Trading Academy, which is an online training platform designed for advanced traders who want to learn more about advanced trading strategies, and the CashFX Newsroom, which is an online news aggregator where members can find information on the latest Forex market trends and news stories that may affect the market.

Forex trading platforms such as the CashFX Group provide an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn about the market and develop their trading skills.

The group also offers advanced traders various membership programs that allow them to join a community of like-minded individuals who share their same passion for trading and who can share their knowledge with others.

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