Jeff Aronin – dedicated to serving individuals with rare conditions

Jeff Aronin is a physician who focuses his career on serving patients with medical needs that have not been previously met. Having attended Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree, he then went on to get a master’s degree from DePaul University. He founded and became CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. The focus of that foundation is neglected and rare disorders and diseases. Jeff Aronin was able to focus on finding medicines and treatments that could work for disorders and diseases that were often overlooked by big pharmacy corporations.

In 2009, Ovation Pharmaceuticals was bought out by a Danish company. The sale price was over nine hundred million. Jeff Aronin stayed on as CEO.

Jeff Aronin also founded a company called Paragon Biosciences. This company has a very strong track record for endorsing thirteen new medicines. Jeff Aronin and his company are devoted to patients unmet needs. This company also consists of clinical experts who have the expertise to develop new drugs.

Throughout all of his endeavors, Jeff Aronin’s focus is people with rare diseases, serving populations of less than two hundred thousand people. Bringing medicines to fruition is a several step process that Jeff Aronin and his team of dedicated medical experts have gotten down to a science.

Jeff Aronin has a strong passion for not only medicine but also philanthropy. His company gives back to the community, as well. They also focus on improving education, advancing science, rare disease treatment development, as well as raising awareness of lesser known diseases.

Some lesser known diseases and disorders that Jeff Aronin focuses on are Huntington Disease, Pediatric Epilepsy, Porphyria disorder, and several other rare diseases. Through Jeff Aronin’s organizations and education, there is hope for people with rare and lesser known diseases. Jeff Aronin has dedicated his career and focus to helping those who may be overlooked otherwise.