Christopher Linkas Breaks Down Commercial Real Estate

Christopher Linkas is a Commercial Real Estate Investor and would like to share his knowledge with others that are thinking about investing in commercial real estate. Christopher strongly believes that knowledge is the key to success in investing in the commercial real estate market. Today, it is easy to find plenty of information on the current market. However, Christopher Linkas is an insider that shares important advice.


Understanding Real Estate

Christopher Linkas shares these facts and breaks it down in simple terms. If you live in a private home or property. This is considered residential real estate that you live in alone or with your family. You shop at your favorite retail store, which is in a commercial building. A family member works in a building that manufacturers parts for a vehicle. This is industrial real estate.


Commercial Real Estate

According to Christopher Linkas, commercial real estate is a building or property that is primarily used for commerce purposes or buying and selling. If you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate property, it is a good idea to consult with an expert in commercial real estate. Contact a commercial real estate company that is experienced with buying and selling commercial property. Christopher Linkas states that many new investors make serious investment errors. A commercial real estate company, will clear up many of the misconceptions that the new investor has about commercial properties.


Today, Christopher Linkas is the head of a European credit group that is based in London. He has applied his own unique investment strategies to acquiring commercial properties in the UK and European regions. He has a wealth of investment knowledge that he likes to share with new investors and young investors. Christopher’s previous experience was in a commercial real estate firm that was based in New York. His expert knowledge encompassed credit and real estate funding to real estate investments.

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Christopher Linkas Shares the Intricacies of Commercial Real Estate Investment

The Savvy Of Hussain Sajwani Has Launched DAMAC Properties To A New Level

Despite the stagnation of the Dubai residential property market for the last six months, Hussain Sajwani is still smiling. As the owner of DAMAC Properties, he has become the newest UAE billionaire. His latest mega project combined with the partnership with the Trump Organization caused his share price to increase on the Dubai market. He also believes the year has exceeded his expectations for sales. Hussain Sajwani’s career did not begin with DAMAC Properties but in the catering world in 2002. He did not enter the real estate market until he saw an opportunity later on.

Hussain Sajwani was hit hard along with the other developers in 2008. This was when the bubble burst and prices decreased as much as sixty percent. DAMAC Properties survived because Hussain Sajwani realized what was going to happen in time. He began to build momentum again in 2012 with his first new project in years. The momentum built in 2013 when he launched the mega development called Akoya with the Trump Organization. The launch of Akoya Oxygen followed the next year. Hussain Sajwani is successful because he can see and react to the changes coming his way. He was the only survivor of the dormant companies in 2008 because he took the right actions to handle what was happening in the market.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, also took action in 2012 because he realized the market was moving again. The decisions he made launched DAMAC Properties to the next level. He has seen a dip in the profit margins but attributes this to certain international projects in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Qatar. He does not believe this trend will continue and is already seeing DAMAC Properties sales increasing. Hussain Sajwani maintains his optimism regarding the property market in Dubai. Thirty percent of his sales are now coming from mega projects, serviced apartments and hotels. He now intends to use his cash flow, brand and management team to continue growing his company overseas. In an article from Roayah News, it mentioned that he is aggressively pursuing opportunities in Europe for 2018. He was also a guest at the Future Investment Initiative conference held in Saudi Arabia where the $500 billion mega city was announced.

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HCR Wealth Advisors – A Path To Financial Security

The idea of retirement can sometimes bring on anxiety, depression, self- esteem problems, and a host of other feelings. However, HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, is here to help you. The firm is now heading the “New Retirement” era that is upon us all. There are many challenges that happen when you are going through the process of retirement, such as a disconnect from daily socialization, knowing you have a schedule to keep, and also the ‘life’ routine we have when we are working.

The idea behind the New Retirement is for HCR Wealth Advisors to help clients through the process of not only financially planning for retirement but also to help the individual that they are coming from something, to something, not just leaving something behind. There are very many non-financial aspects of retirement that HCR Wealth Advisors can help strategize for.

When you are planning your retirement not only do you have to think about the longevity of your money, you also have to plan for your overall health, your personal development, your relationships, and the kind of living/leisure activities will you be enjoying. As many as 10,000 or more individuals are retiring every day and life expectancy is over 30 years after retirement, so with that in mind do not think of retirement as an ending but a beginning.

HCR Wealth Advisors can create personalized financial strategies for each client, strive to protect clients against risks, and educate clients about strategies. The firm looks at a client’s overall needs and goes through a step-by-step the process to create strategies. HCR Wealth Advisors prides itself in empowering clients through trust. Through the New Retirement plan, HCR Wealth Advisors uses more than just the financial side to make sure you have all options available through the firm to implement. HCR Wealth Advisors understands that every plan needs a plan B and can need some fine tuning as you are working towards retirement or already in retirement, looking for a new financial partner. Get help from HCR Wealth through their LinkedIn account.

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Roberto Santiago Has Earned His Respect In The Business World With Hard Work And Vision

Roberto Santiago made a name for himself when he created the Manaira Shopping Mall. This is a unique and distinctive mall located in Paraiba. The mall opened in November of 1989 and provided tourists and residents with a combination of fun and leisure. The Manaira represents a strong investment venture for Roberto Santiago. One of the highlights of the mall are eleven movie theatres complete with modern technology for cinematic projections.


Roberto Santiago also incorporated a 3D and VIP room with glamorous armchairs and a stadium system. The Game Station amusement park has 200 machines for gaming. Each machine has a different design to ensure all different tastes are met. The Manaira Shopping Mall also boasts an extremely large concert hall on the rooftop named Domus Hall. The hall accommodates 4,000 seated or 10,000 standing. The second floor encompasses ten private cabins for guests with private dressing rooms and lounge music. The ground floor was designed to host events such as mega shows, weddings, private events, stand-ups, and graduations. In addition to entertainment, the Manaira Shopping Mall offers a taste of culture.


Knowledge regarding specific cultures is fostered by numerous exhibitions showcasing diverse cultures. Once this aspect was established, Roberto Santiago entered into a partnership with the purchasing center. He supports social projects so children from different places are able to understand and enjoy the exhibitions. This is one of many reasons the Manaira Shopping Mall has been recognized not only in Paraiba but all over the country. The mall covers 75,000 square meters and provides in excess of 300 stores.


Roberto Santiago is also responsible for creating the Mangabeira Shopping Center. This major enterprise opened to the public in November of 2014. This mall is considered the most recognized commercial enterprises in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago has not only become very successful as a businessman, he has excelled in sports. He was the first prize winner in several state championships as well as the first Brazilian to win the kart championship. Roberto Santiago also entered several motocross competitions where he received titles. His entry into the Paraibano championship resulted in wins in the 125cc, 250cc, 250vc and Northeast categories.


Roberto Santiago has always had the ability to recognize a good opportunity. He is said to seize these opportunities at the slightest hint. He is considered to be a man with great vision, highly skilled as an entrepreneur and attentive to the details and growth of all his ventures. His career started out small and has grown to massive proportions. The business world views him with respect. He has come a long way from his beginnings at Cafe Santa Rosa with a legacy that shines brightly. The life of Roberto Santiago is a success story.


The Success Story of Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a professional who has so many titles. Toner has achieved a lot of milestones while working as a radio show host, real estate investor, consultant and speaker. In his successful career life, the businessman has traveled to different parts of the country, trying to speak about the benefits of real estate investing in the modern times. Jim Toner has been fortunate to appear in crucial television shows with prominent personalities such as Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and many others. Working with these important figures in the media shows that Toner is highly experienced in whatever he has specialized in. Just like all other influential people in the market, Jim Toner has a success story to tell. The businessman did not just wake up to find himself in the real estate industry. According to a recent interview, the businessman had to work and preserver so many challenges so that he could emerge successfully.

Jim Toner is highly experienced in matters concerning real estate. Because of his expertise, the businessman has been trying his best to make sure that real estate investments are user-friendly, especially in the modern complicated times. His services are always at a high demand in the market, and he has assisted the general public to come up with the best investments regardless of the hardships that are taking place. There are many people in the world who currently pay more than fifteen thousand dollars so that they can come to the United States and attend the investment programs that are conducted by the businessman. His expertise is on a higher level, and people trust his views in business.

According to, Jim Toner did not become an accomplished real estate entrepreneur in just a day. According to a recent interview, the businessman has been working in real estate for the last two and half decades, and he has acquired a lot of knowledge concerning most of the things that give investors sleepless nights. In the course of this career, the businessman has done a lot for himself and the community. Apart from earning a lot of wealth from the great investments he has been making, the businessman has assisted so many people to invest in real estate by offering them the guidance they deserve. Jim Toner said he is also a generous individual who knows that importance of sharing his wealth with the less fortunate people in the community. Many people from needy communities in the society have received the support they yearn from the serial entrepreneur. There are thousands of professionals who currently enjoy their financial freedom just because they got help from the renowned real estate entrepreneur. Toner enjoys his career as a real estate investor, and he also loves talking and helping the communities around him.

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Anthony Petrello In Philanthropy

Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries, is not only known for his role in business. As one of the top CEO in America, he has a good reputation for assisting the country make good progress in the oil and natural gas drilling industry.

However, apart from his role as the CEO, he is also passionate about philanthropy. He is currently supporting various philanthropic causes which are personal to him as part of giving back to the community.

Tony Petrello is a product of community support. When his parent could not take him to a good university that could nurture his skills in mathematics, he was spotted by the Yale University who offered him a fully paid scholarship to study and be mentored in their institution. He was mentored by his longtime friend and the then Professor of Mathematics at the university known as Serge Lang. Together, they worked on various mathematical theories before he left the field to practice law.

Read more: Tony Petrello Donates $7 Million to Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston

Anthony Petrello has always been a problem solver. It is something within him. He loves taking up new challenges. When her daughter Carena was born, she developed a neurological problem known as Cerebral Palsy. This is a condition which stopped her from going through the normal development process as a child. She could not learn basic human abilities such as walking, eating and talking. The condition which normally affects coordination of body parts affected her whole child to an extent she could do nothing on his own. For instance, it took him seven years to learn how to chew food. All through she had to live on liquid food.

The neurological condition of his daughter challenged Petrello to try something new away from his business life. He joined philanthropy to try and find a solution to his daughter while at the same assist other parents who have children suffering from neurological problems. Tony Petrello had gone to all the best hospitals in the world looking for any which could treat the neurological disorders her daughter had. Unfortunately, he found that there is none which had a facility that catered for neurological in children.

Tony Petrello being a problem –solver did not sit back and watch his daughter suffer. He decided to do something about it. He visited Texas Children’s Hospital which had a center that cares for children’s medical needs. He liaised with them and found out that they were already in the process of developing a neurological research center that would research on the causes and treatment of neurological disorders in children. He vowed to support Texas Children’s Children realize their goal through financial donations and fundraising.

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A New Position For Heather Russell

TransUnion is about to get a new face.

Heather Russell will soon be the company’s new Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President.

Heather will take up her new position on June 4th, when the former Chief Legal Officer, John Blenke, begins his retirement.

Russell joins the company with multiple degrees under her belt.

She holds a BA from the College of William and Mary as well as a JD from America University’s Washington College of Law.

Heather Russell will be bringing over 20 years’ experience in the financial sector to her new role at TransUnion.

Many people who are already well-positioned at TransUnion, including the company’s President, Jim Peck, have much confidence in Heather.

Peck is looking forward to having Heather become a colleague and to help TransUnion move even higher in the world of financial services.

Russell isn’t new to the world of leadership, having already held multiple leadership positions.

She has worked for companies that are known worldwide.

These companies include

  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Skadden, Arps
  • Bank of New York Mellon

Russell’s latest position prior to becoming a member of the TransUnion team was at Buckley Sandler, LLP, a law firm.

What does Heather have to say about her new position at TransUnion?

She is ecstatic.

She is looking forward to using her experience to the best of her ability to help TransUnion reach new heights in the financial services sector and is thrilled to have been hired for such a great company.

She knows that she has just what it takes to work with some of the best names in the financial services industry.


Jed McCaleb and his Solution for the Financial Burden of the Banking Industry

Blockchain has the power to change the world, so why exactly are most blockchain experts using this technology to conduct simple trades? Well, not everyone is. Jed McCaleb and his company Stellar are working in countries all over the world to bring people a better way of life. Stellar is bringing financial options to underdeveloped countries.

Jed McCaleb was experienced in decentralized technology before most others. He worked with peer-to-peer file sharing, using a non-centralized method to deliver files to users.

McCaleb also created Mt. Gox, the world’s first international bitcoin exchange network.

During his time experimenting with blockchain, McCaleb realized he could answer a very important question: How can I make the banking industry better?

Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim decided to create Stellar, altering the code of blockchain in order to make their service faster and less energy intensive.

Stellar was created after Jed sold Mt. Gox to Mark Karpelles, who then allowed Mt. Gox to be hacked. This event is still one of the most controversial and infamous events in the history of the existence of bitcoin.

Stellar is a little bit different from normal cryptocurrencies. Most coins require a process called data mining, where individuals volunteer their machines to house records for the currency. These individuals profit from this partnership by creating new coins on their machine. Stellar doesn’t utilize a data mining process, they simply give out their currency in a charitable fashion to those who are involved in Stellar, those who were already bitcoin owners, and partners.

Jed McCaleb and Stellar have created a system that can connect financial institutions all over the world, eliminating costly business fees and service charges. With these expensive fees eliminated, individuals who otherwise could not afford basic financial services now can. Stellar is already operational in Asia and Europe, even securing a partnership with IBM in order to create a more streamlined payment system for the computer giant.

Stellar is also partnered with Tempo, out of Europe; Cellulant, from Nigeria; and Distributed Lab, based out of Ukraine. Stellar assists these organizations in providing international transaction services and other banking services to the citizens of these areas.

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HCR Wealth Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Time waits for no man. It marches on. But in its wake, people are free to make progress or chaos for themselves. Things usually go better when designs are built on the cornerstones of cooperation and information. Constantly making the right decisions for a safe and secure financial future can be difficult throughout the years.

What works today or applies to the past may not have any value a decade from now. Life always finds an avenue to send distractions and lay sabotage to even the best laid plans. Luckily, all it takes to handle business and avoid desperation is a stiff upper lip and some critical thinking. Having a specific set of achievable goals is highly recommended when sitting down to plan finances.

Knowing which goals to go for and understanding why they may or may not be a good idea can seem nearly impossible. This is where an experienced registered investment advisory (RIA) firm can help make sense of all the little pieces of information and bring the big picture together. Certainly, there are many firms that provide any number of services. But, how many of these firms truly seek to build and nurture a relationship with the client’s interest in mind the way HCR Wealth Advisors does?

Developing a strong client relationship is a primary goal of HCR Wealth Advisors.  That can best occur when there is open communication and exchange of information between the firm and its clients. Clients are best served when they have the confidence and discipline to protect their own interests. And firms provide the best service when they know their clients for generations at a time.

This is the level of trust and loyalty that HCR Wealth Advisors seeks to cultivate with each of its clients their portfolios for every portfolio held by their clients. The firm also takes seriously its clients’ need for privacy and discretion in their financial affairs from matters concerning marriage and divorce to retirement.

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Executing Retirement Methods While Enlisting Input from HCR Wealth Advisors

The term “Sandwich Generation” has been floating around for about a decade. It is used by financial advisors to describe people who are typically in their late thirties to early fifties that are financially supporting their aging parents and college-aged kids.

According to the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan and data-driven think tank, one in seven middle-aged adults are supporting their aging parents as well as their own children.

Many of those in this situation are now experiencing those financial burdens, and those who want to prevent it, are seeking help from financial advisors like HCR Wealth Advisors to alleviate the financial burdens and to find viable solutions.

However, people can take matters into their own hands with a few practical tips:

  • Put money away early for retirement regardless of present responsibilities – pay “yourself” first through a retirement savings commitment.
  • Never leave money on the table such as company-matched retirement contributions through the workplace. A person should always try to contribute the maximum amount, which also has tax-deferred advantages.
  • Invest where feasible with discretionary income. Compound interest is a bargain that people often leave untapped. That is money received on top of money already gained.
  • Use tax-advantaged accounts for saving for college tuition. With tuition continuing to rise and no end in sight for a decrease, it is advantageous to lessen student debt. If not, the spare bedroom at an aging parent’s home might become occupied after graduation.

With people living longer, there is a sizable possibility that one parent will outlive their retirement fund. HCR Wealth Advisors also advises younger clients to familiarize themselves with an aging parent’s financial portfolio to prevent unexpected and uncertain times.

Since HCR Wealth Advisors has been in business, the firm’s advisory model has remained the same, develop personalized financial strategies tailored to each client’s needs and goals. Follow @HCRwealth on Facebook today.

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