Chris Burch Takes New Path To Success In Business.


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Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital as well as one of the most hard-working and wide-sweeping entrepreneurs in the world today. With that being said, the Burch of today is wildly different from the Burch of fifteen years ago. Since selling off his old fashion companies, Chris Burch has changed his mind set from seeking to brand himself to instead seeking to invest in ‘people’. Burch knows that the digital world has changed marketing and business forever and now he is trying to stake his claim in it the only way that he knows how: by investing in products and people that serve to make others happy, reference (

Right now, Chris Burch is probably most well-known for his investment in products like ED by Ellen DeGeneres or the swimwear brand known as Solid and Striped. However, Burch would rather he not be known by any specific project or any specific product

. Burch believes that the nature of the internet, the prevalence of marketing, and the impact of constant consumption has fundamentally changed the way that people shop and that businesses operate, useful source on Outside of a few core brands, like Gucci, there is no more ‘brand loyalty’ to worry about. Simply put, Chris Burch believes that people are simply looking for products that make them feel good.

Chris Burch is a hardworking entrepreneur with a workaholic’s view on getting things done. Burch believes that if he isn’t responding to phone calls or emails then he is selling himself short and wasting everyone’s time. Burch has investments in just about every industry that you can imagine and he doesn’t figure to be slowing down or stopping any time soon. From his luxury overseas resort in Nihiwatu to the apparel lines that we outlined above, Burch is staying busy and investing in the person first and the product second.