Steve Richie: First-Hand Leadership

The landscape of the pizza company Papa John’s has changed for the better. This change comes in the introduction of Steve Richie as the new CEO of the pizza giant. The move comes after a recent controversial time for the Papa John’s company, however, many of its long-term employee pool have no doubt that Steve Richie is the best person to restore integrity and respect back to the Papa John’s brand. Steve Richie began with the company in 1996 as a customer service representative working at an hourly wage of $6, but Richie wanted to do more. Richie would own and operate his own Papa John’s franchise where his duties spanned from not only running the business but at times also delivering the pizza himself.

Steve Richie’s first order of business as CEO and President was to write a letter of apology to customers. In fact, this act was one of the first signs of what kind of leader he would be as prior to this letter a mass email was sent to customers which were not to Steve’s likening. Steve Richie wanted to make the apology more personal and from the heart, a real change had to occur and words were not enough for him. In the letter by Richie, he begins by denouncing any prior language that may have offended their customers, his determination for change was outlined in a call for action by his team to better understand the weaknesses and strengths of the company. Along with nationwide audits of the company culture, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s also announced that him and other top management figures of the company would travel across the country to experience first hand any concerns that their employees and customers may have. He ends the letter by thanking all Papa John’s customers for their continuing loyalty and understanding of their current situation. Follow Papa John’s on Twitter.

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The Yes Man, Ryan Seacrest, on his new comedy series

Abc is gearing up to release a comedy series should the friendship between Kelly Ripa and her “Live!” co-host, Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is the ultimate yes man when it comes to TV. We watched him grow from American Idol to owning his own clothing line, working with Kelly, starting a television production company, a foundation.

The pilot of “Work Wife” will, of course, air on ABC and will have the director feel of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Will and Grace”. The comedy series will run for an hour and a half and is about work spouses who have limited boundaries with their significant other and the impact it has on their relationship with that individual and others.

Michael Ian Black, an American actor, is the writer and executive producer of the series. Ryan Seacrest’s production company (RSP) and ABC will produce the series and Ryan alongside Nina Wass and Andrea Shay will be executive producers as well. Kelly Ripa is listed as an executive produce alongside Mark Consuelos and Albert Bianchini.

As the world knows, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are the hosts ABC’s morning show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Kelly Ripa started the show back in 2001 and Seacrest joined her in 2017. Ryan is also the host of ABC’s American Idol reboot show.

Ryan will continue to host his syndicated weekly radio show called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” that started in 2008. The morning drive-time show airs in Los Angeles on 102.7 KIIS-FM live at 6 am to 10 am and at 9 am in Manhattan. The radio show had a morning television show by the same name with Ryan. The show aired in 2004, but only ran for a few months. On Air with Ryan is owned by iHeart media and heard by well over 130 stations in North America.

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American Institute of Architects CEO, EVP Robert Ivy Awarded Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, the CEO and EVP of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), was presented the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters at an event on June 2nd, 2018. This is the first occasion in which an architect has won this award.

The prestigious award is presented to those exceptional artists and patrons of art who have a connection to Mississippi. Fellow Mississippians who have also received this award include the late artist Walter Anderson in 1989, singer Leontyne Price in 2000, writer Eudora Welty in 2001, writer Shelby Foote in 2004, and actor Morgan Freeman in 2007.

Robert Ivy has served as CEO since 2011, but he is also a practicing architect as well as an author. The President of the corporation Carl Elefante, FAIA, said that Ivy was a “worthy ambassador” of the architectural field for this award. Find out more about Robert Ivy on Architect

Robert Ivy published his biography “Fay Jones: Architect” in 2001, and the book is now in is third edition of publishing. It follows the work of the architect and devotee of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Before he began his work at AIA, Ivy was the editor-in-chief of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, and with his guidance, the publisher received many awards, which included the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. He was also a driving force in design and construction media for the publisher during his time of launching a Mandarin version of Architectural Record in China, as well as establishing and launching another in the Middle East.

As for his achievements at AIA, Robert Ivy has grown the institute by leaps and bounds, making them more of a globally-known establishment. America’s architects are practicing all over the world today, with the help of the other seven global AIA chapters which include new chapters in Canada and China.

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Adam Milstein on support of Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a businessman and a philanthropist of Jewish descent who lives in the United States. He is one of the passionate Jews when it comes to matters of defending the identity of the Jewish community. He has stood with the community and has made sure that he plays his part of supporting the Jewish community living in the United States to come together and fight for their identity. At a time when the level of anti-Semitism in the world is going up, it has become a concern for the Jewish leaders to take measures that will ensure that the community is protected at all times.


There is a risk posed by agents of anti-Semitism who want to break the bond between the Jews and make them fear to be acknowledged by their true identity. This is something that Adam Milstein is not ready to happen. He has been using various channels to fight off anti-Semitism while at the same time calling for the unity of all Jews living in the United States. He believes that the Jews deserve the same treatment as other people and that no one should be subjected to discrimination just because they belong from a certain region.


Adam Milstein has dedicated his own money into sponsoring programs that will support the unity of the Jewish community. Milstein who is the managing partner of a real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties is one of the people who has made sure that the community gets a chance to enjoy life like any other. Every year, he is spending over $1 million on activities which will lead to the strengthening of the Jewish state.


Adam Milstein believes that the unity of the Jewish community is the most important thing that can happen to the mission of countering agents of hate. A united nation will stand and oppose hate, but a divided one will collapse in light of challenges. Adam Milstein says that the agents of hate aim to bring divisions between Jews so that they can weaken. However, this is not going to happen easily. With Adam Milstein and others, the community is stronger than ever.

Fusing Tech and Medicine with Dr. Jorge Moll: For the Benefit of All

After graduating medical school at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994, Jorge Moll went on to complete his three year residency in Neurology at the same university. Always moving forward, he continued his education at the University of São Paulo, earning a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology before becoming a post-doctorate research fellow with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA. Combining his education with execution, Doctor Jorge Moll now serves as the president-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro and the head of its Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. Along the way, Dr. Moll has been elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and a governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society.


Utilizing his position and knowledge, he now works to fuse technology with medical care to improve the experience of patients as well as empower healthcare providers. Working alongside allies like Dr. Albert Chan, Chief of Digital Patient Experience at Sutter Health, a healthcare network operating in over 100 cities and towns in Northern California, Dr. Moll works to find effective ways to implement technology into the day to day of patient care. Citing the example of Google Glass, Jorge Moll points out that such a device used to take and retrieve notes can improve the patient experience by allowing the physician to pay full attention to the patient rather than needing to take notes or dig through information by hand.


Through the aid of such technology, healthcare providers will be able to improve both the safety and care provided to patients as well as increase their own productivity as they could use the same device to collect, store, review, and share information with specialists. Further still, similar technology can be used by patients to review their own records as well as contact providers and make appointments. Ultimately, Dr. Moll is interested in promoting partnerships between medicine and technology to expedite the development process, as the synthesis of these two fields are the present and definitive future of healthcare.


Lee May Focuses On The International Real Estate Market And Charity Work

Lee May is a successful real estate businessman. He is operating in London, an area where the competition in the real estate industry is one of the toughest in the world. In this kind of business climate, May was able to hone his business skills in the industry. This real estate man is also focusing his energies and talents in giving back to his community.


Lee May’s real estate business has had many successes in recent years. One of these is the development of 628 apartment dwellings located in East London. Another achievement is his securing the sites in Essex for the development of more than 1,000 housing units. With these businesses in real estate, there is little wonder why May rose to prominence within the industry.


Many real estate businesses have similar goals as May, but few of them were able to achieve them. One of the lucky ones is Lee May. Now that he has arrived in London, he seems to turn his eyes on another target – the international market. He has joined forces with a company based in Hong Kong. It seems that they are closing in on a joint venture that would cost more than £380 million. This deal is not only groundbreaking but it also made waves and gave notice to the international real estate market that a leading developer in London is breaking out into international territories as well.


Another example of Lee May’s international direction is his real estate interest in Canada. He is developing a shopping mall in this North American territory. He will not just develop the land that he acquired in Canada but once the mall is completed, he intends to stay as its landlord and will head the business operations of the mall.


In all his business successes, Lee May does not forget the role he wants to play in the community. He aims to give back his rewards to the community. To this end, he is giving his donations to organizations working on combatting cancer and road safety. He is also giving part of his money in training amateur boxers and giving them equal opportunities in competition.


Stansberry Research Investment Knows More About Stock Than Most Advisors

American publisher and financier, Frank Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999. Mr. Stansberry publishes a weekly newsletter called Stansberry Investment Advisory. When Stanberry Research was founded, it was originally called Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. Stansberry Research is an independent financial research firm that works with biotech, medical, technology, and more. The research investment company has at least 175 employees and has established a partnership with golfer, Kevin Kisner.


Stanberry Research Investments is experienced in buying stock commodities. Many stock commodities aren’t obviously good investments in the eyes of the average investor. Coffee seems like a cheap investment that probably won’t produce any large returns. In the stock market, coffee stock is performing better than predicted. In 2014, coffee stock went up 92 percent. In 2015, investors learned the coffee stock went up by 50 percent.


Marijuana has always been controversial because it has been commonly used to get high. Marijuana has a reputation for being used by rock stars and hippies to tune out. The medical profession wanted give marijuana a new image by offering them to cancer patients to relieve the symptoms. While nine states legalized marijuana for recreational use, about four states legalized marijuana for medicinal use. With 60 percent of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana, the substance is becoming a hot stock market commodity.


Stansberry Research Investors is interested in retail stores and how well they do in the stock market. Wal-Mart is still an excellent investment. People who invested in Wal-Mart stock had a 100 percent return investment. Wal-Mart was founded in Rogers, Ark, back in 1962 by Sam Walton. Walton wanted people to buy good products at discount prices. On the other side, selling products at such low prices meant not a big growth investment in the stock market. Stansberry Research Investment knew better than to count a discount store out of stock investing.


The special stock knowledge that Stansberry Research has, makes them one of the best stock advisers around. One stock investor said this company made his portfolio grow like it never has before. This investor is one tough customer.


Custom Companies: If You Need Shipping Your Way

Are you a firm that is looking for a shipping company that can handle a variety of transportation needs? Do you also need warehouse storage? Do you vary from partial to full-size shipments? Do you need national coverage?


Several days ago I was asked if I knew a company that could provide these types of services. My response was, “Let me introduce you to Custom Companies”. So I told them what I knew and had experienced. “Custom Companies are based in Chicago and has been in the shipping business since 1986. This company has set itself apart from other companies by a large number of services offered. They can arrange any type of transportation needed by road, rail, or air. I needed to ship to Canada and they took care of it, even having to combine several modes of transportation. I was able to warehouse the shipment with them to meet all the schedules of the transporters. Custom Companies took care of customs, and my shipment arrived safely as well as on time. I couldn’t be happier with the service.”


I said, “The way I heard about them was from my cousin in Los Angles. He uses Custom Companies as a local courier service. They provide him with local pick-up and offer delivery within a hundred miles radius. He told me that I could track my delivery from door to door. Better than that, Custom Companies can be reached at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. They assigned me a territory manager that I can contact if I have a question or concern. He said they offer the same local service in Chicago also.”


What impressed me was their 76 distribution centers all over the Continental US. They can handle most kinds of freight, including refrigeration and certain types of hazardous materials. The standard time for payment is 30 days. So, if you need commercial shipping, you might want to try Custom Companies. Look them up online and visit their website. I tried them and was most impressed with the pricing, the service, and the support.


Jeffrey Aronin Championing the Fight Against Rare Disease Through Biotechnology Innovation


Jeffrey Aronin was born in the 1967 and developed interest and passion in the field of biopharmaceutical with much focus in Biotechnology. Jeffrey Aronin interest stemmed from his undergraduate studies where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois before proceeding with his MBA at DePaul University. Jeffrey Aronin also developed passion in service to humankind which prompted his desire and urges to become a Civic leader.


Career Path

In the early stages of his career, Jeffrey Aronin worked as a pharmacist in a local health care facility before becoming the found and CEO of his own company¬¬— Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in the year 2000. After running Ovation Pharmaceuticals for about nine years, Jeffrey Aronin sold the company to Lundbeck Healthcare Company which offered him a whopping $900 million and still retain Jeffrey Aronin as the CEO of the new company. Appointing Jeffrey Aronin as the CEO of newly acquired Lundbeck Company proved to be fruitful since Jeffrey Aronin significantly contributed towards the success of the company.


Jeffrey Aronin career path escalated at a tremendous rate which enabled him to be among the top cream of the many pharmaceutical companies that sprout and became successful under his leadership. To date, other than being the founder and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Chair, CEO and founder of Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital LLC, and also a director of World Business Chicago.



The world of pharmaceutical innovation is not complete without mentioning Jeffrey Aronin. Jeffrey Aronin breakthrough in the world of biotechnology was inspired when he recommended administering a drug, instead of a surgical procedure, when treating a child suffering from a seizure. The success of the drug motivated Jeffrey Aronin to divert all his energy and resource in the line of pharmaceutical. Throughout time, Jeffrey Aronin, with the help of a likeminded pharmacist, have been engaging in numerous research process, with the aim of developing medicines that can be used to treat patients suffering from unmet conditions.


Jeffrey Aronin love to the human race is what makes him go an extra mile in restoring hope to humanity by availing permanent solution to the less fortunate. Jeffrey Aronin contribute generously towards facilitating researches that are expected to cure unmet disease and bring joy to many families, reflecting his big heart.


Global Vision With A Global Passion: Mr. Perry Mandera

Transportation and Logistics are what move the world’s goods from one country to the next. To be a leader of such a company requires global vision and global determination. Taking the world stage as a testimony of these qualities is Perry Mandera. Just what makes Perry Mandera stand out head and shoulders above the competition?


Aside from having over 40 years in the shipping industry, Perry Mandera served as a Marine. While in the service Mr. Mandera was in charge of transporting supplies for the soldiers. This is what allowed him to realize the impact that shipping would carry. In life, there are always those moments that one can look back on and say, “This is where my inspiration come here.” This truly is that point for Mr. Perry Mandera. Although that was the beginning, it was not the end, as Mr. Perry Mandera returned home on decided to run for office. In 1984 he was elected as the Republican Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. As being the youngest Republican Committeeman to service Chicago, he truly took to the task of helping those around him with Zeal.


Philanthropy is the rule of the day for Mr. Mandera as he knows just what it takes to reach out to those in need and provide assistance. In 2000 he was singled out as one of the top 100 American Transportation Executives of the millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association. While nothing short of amazing, Mr. Perry Mandera has definitely set an example of what it means to follow your passion and never give up in the face of opposition. From being recognized for his great endeavors, Mr. Perry Mandera is a very religious man with a keen sense for allowing his spirituality to guide his day-to-day affairs. His faith is his guiding star in his life.


As long as the world is blessed with the presence of such a phenomenal figure, business success will always rule the day. As being a man that is founded on solid principles, Perry Mandera has given us a model to follow and our everyday business pursuits.