Shervin Pishevar Sees Silicon Valley Collapsing

Shervin Pishevar is back on social media and like always he has a lot to say. It took the early Uber investor 50 tweets and 21 hours to say everything he wanted to say about the economy and he only took a break for dinner. While he may no longer work at Investment company, the founder of the company still cares greatly about his former team and is happy to note that things have been going in a positive direction for the business. Nobody knows for sure why he made the decision to return to social media when he did after a several months long break, but he drew the attention of many followers.

He has a lot to say about the outlook of the economy in the United States and there isn’t much of it that sounds that good. While the world’s economy keeps evolving and changing, Shervin Pishevar sees much of the policy and economy of the United States as falling behind and unless they catch up the economy and state of the country may suffer greatly. He believes one of the major steps to counteract this will be the government causing less uncertainty when it comes to global trade deals.

One of the big things that Shervin Pishevar sees happening to the United States is the eventual collapse of Silicon Valley. What started out as a city of innovation has turned into more of a movement that the monopolies of the region are starting to lose their grip on. He predicts tech giants like Facebook and Apple will soon see their customers turn away in even bigger droves as they continue to lose their trust. Facebook has been experiencing a lot of problems lately relating to how user’s information was used in advertising.

The ability of Silicon Valley to keep up with innovation has been lacking lately. Shervin Pishevar believes that a lot of this has to do with these big companies not accepting the concept of borderline business as fast as they should. The movement of entrepreneurship has gone viral as an idea and there is nothing the giants can do to stop it.

Brian Torchin Pioneers Medical and Legal Staffing

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