We All Can Be Safe

Securus Technologies, based in Texas, has been America’s leading provider for technology solutions for the last 30 years. Their products provide solutions for public safety, law enforcement, correctional facilities, and private investigations. They have single-handedly protected over 1000 prisons and 1.2 million prisoners.


Recently however, Securus Technologies has begun dealing with a problem they never have before. Technological drones have become pervasive in our society. Their usage goes anywhere from attacking terrorists overseas to providing photography and utility inspections for companies here in the United States of America. For as fun as this drone hobby may be, it has a darker side.


Drones have been used to deliver illegal contrabands too prisoners that are locked up in correctional facilities. This has occurred at federal prisons as well as state prisons. The items in the delivery pose a threat to public safety, correctional personnel, and prisoners located inside the facility. Drones have been known to deliver cell phones, drugs, pornography, and weapons.


Securus Technologies has been working diligently to end this threat to correctional facilities. They have used the Wireless Containment Solutions in order to stop drone technology. Wireless Containment Solutions is a product already developed by Securus Technologies. This solution builds cell phone towers around correctional facilities and intercepts phone calls being made by contraband cell phones. They believed they would be able to use this system to stop incoming drones.


After working for 18 months with various partners in the areas of technology and engineering, they have been able to install and implement their new program. Whenever a drone begins approaching a correctional facility, the Wireless Containment Solutions lock into its remote cell signal. Once this occurs, it can then cause the drone to fall from the sky. They hope that they can soon create a program that will allow them to override the controls and force the drone to go where they would like it to go.


Securus Technologies recently proved that they were the top dog in the area of safety technology when they won three different Stevie Awards. Stevie Awards are the world’s top honors for businesses dealing in customer service and business development. The Stevie Awards receives over 2500 nominations a year but only a handful receive awards.


Securus Technologies won the gold award in the area of customer service complaint teams. One of their leading executives took home the silver for the customer service professional of the year as her role in the customer service management. Lastly, Securus Technologies took home the bronze as their video visitation team won the frontline customer service team award.


Securus Technologies promises they will continue making the world safer by securing prisons and prisoners kept inside.


Closing the Gap on Escaped Criminals with Securus Technologies

I am part of a law enforcement team that chases escaped criminals around the world. It doesn’t matter if they escape from a Dallas Texas jail and are hiding in Point Pleasant New Jersey, my job is to pick up the trail and follow them until they are put back behind bars. One of the things that most criminals will do when they are on the run is return to familiar locations to them. These criminals think they can move around more easily if they are on their home turf.


Even though I usually find many criminals back at their home town, that still is not a closed case. These criminals often have a support network on the streets that protect them, especially if they are higher up the rung than just a typical low-level thug. So I have a number of resources at my disposal, but I am always looking for new technology to help me to end their run.


Recently we had Securus Technologies install a new inmate communication system at our local jail, and some of the software available was especially helpful for me out on the field.


What I have discovered in all my years in law enforcement is that you have to create a net around a certain radius immediately after they escape or they could be 1,000s of miles away overnight. Using this new technology, we picked up on key information that led us to a driver who was going to be responsible for getting the inmates out of the state.


This technology is instrumental in keeping the public safer than they will ever know.