A new auditorium at Sao Paulo named after Marco Antonio Marques da Silva as a sign of his recognition

There are some careers that people describe them as being too complicated for one to make it. Some of these professions are the legal professions that most people are afraid of that in the real sense, every kind of career requires a lot of hard work, commitment dedication and consistency for one to be successful. There are a lot of people who have come to prove others wrong about the difficulties in these careers especially i9n legal professions

One of these people is Marco Antonio Marques da Silva who is a court of Appeals Judge as well as a criminal law professor at PUC where he has been working since he finished his education. He was upgraded from being a lawyer to a judge just a few months ago this year at Sao Paulo during one of his unforgettable ceremonies at the institution.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva went to PUC where he studied for his law degree. After graduating, he felt that was not enough for him since he needed more knowledge that would assist in making him the man he is today He, therefore, went to Pontifical Catholic University where he attained his degrees in teaching, masters, and doctorate. After this, he went for his postdoctoral; fellowship at Coimbra Faculty of law. It is after this that he started working at PUC until today. For a person to work in an institution for such a long time, it meant that he is incredible and reliable in the institutions that he even receives a lot of recognition even from his colleagues.

During the ceremony, he said that he felt the same way that he felt when his parents gave him the opportunity to join college when he was a young man. He even thanked them together with the whole family for their exceptional support during his career saying that nothing is built in separation.

One of the new auditoriums at the institutions was named after him, and the president recognized him for being one of the critical factors that led to the development and construction of the auditorium naming him as the man who is always ready to assist in every problem that arises at the institution.