Jeremy Goldstein

As one of the most talented Lawyers in the business, Jeremy Goldstein is more that just your next face in the crowd when it comes to recognition. A very well respected law firm is also one of his main sources of influence, in terms of the legal and charitable causes he participates in.

Jeremy Goldstein is also a very important participant in a sub-committee of the American Bar Associations Business Section. As chairman, Goldstein has been close to various corporate deals that have benefited from his participation and stewardship over the past decade.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, the workday is where everything takes place in his world, so therefore it is of utmost importance to ensure that everyday is productive. Knowing there are zero short cuts in his particular line of work exemplifies the art of the negotiation, as well as advisory roles and the process of drafting. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Goldstein also goes on to say that this level of productivity and quality require the availability of someone who is essentially on call for 24 hours 7 days a week. Taking this scheduling into consideration, Goldstein explains that the only possible way for him to manage his time and create the most productive environment possible is to limit the number of engagements that he accepts.

The task of being a lawyer is shared by many, and all along the way some have figured out different ways of managing and excelling at this career. When it comes to Jeremy Goldstein, he feels as though a personal approach fits best when describing ways to ensure he deploys the most active tactics in a social environment. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Taking that into account, the real effort that he uses to truly engage with his clients is a mutual feeling shared by both parties. That method of exchange is what separates a familiar relationship with one that is purely professional.

During an interview, Goldstein was asked what is something that he could do over and what are some recommendations that he would give others in his early year.

He goes on to explain how a client asked him to pursue the purchase of new technology in a fairly aggressive manner. He then relates it to not waiting to purchase a new computer after the one you have has already crashed. This level of preparedness has translated in many ways to how he runs his many companies.

As stated, Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is in fact a boutique law firm with a dedication to the advice to compensation committes, as well as managing teams and also to CEOs.

Prior to Goldstein founding a firm of his own, he was a partner at another law firm. He also has degrees from both New York University School of Law and University of Chicago.

Jeremy Goldstein Believes A Compromise For Knockout Options Will Lead To The Highest Level Of Growth

There are many experts out there that have tackled the decade-old problem of incentives for companies and their employees. Most of the time things are okay, as people need to work and will take a job in spite of incentives that are available. But this is what allows for constant internal problems with employees for companies, which ultimately hurt yearly profits. In the past, the majority of companies out there have stuck to offering their employee’s company stock as an incentive for their work, but this is often a problem in the end. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading compensation experts in the state of New York that has been working to tackle this issue for a while now, and he believes he has come up with a solution.


This comes in the form of a knockout clause that will allow companies to change the typical method of offering stock options to their employees, saving money, time, and headaches. Jeremy Goldstein released his own overview of what these knockout options are and how they will ultimately affect the corporate world. Traditionally, the disadvantages of stock options are that they limit employees because they often cannot trade their options at good times. It’s also unpredictable in the sense that stock value goes up and down. This means that an employee can potentially receive a huge incentive at one time, but a poor one at another time. This is good and bad for both sides.


While there are some advantages to stock options, they do not come int he form of balance or predictability. With knockout options in effect, companies will be able to compensate their employees how they see fit, typically in larger paychecks from week to week, which is what most employees prefer in the long run. This is why Jeremy thinks it will be beneficial for the long-term growth of corporations. As a compensation lawyer with more than 15 years behind him, working with high-profile clients throughout his career, Jeremy is more than qualified to be making his claims. He also currently runs one of the top compensation law firms in the country, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC in New York. Learn more: