Bernardo Chua And The Magic Healing Mushroom

The wave of healthy living and greener eating has hit the United States and companies with an interest in bringing nutritional, all-natural plants to the market are heralded as visionaries and pioneers. CEO and Founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, has made the health benefits of mushroom extracts an accessible superfood that consumers can easily incorporate into nutrition plans.

PR Newswire says that Bernado Chua established Organo in 2008 with the main purpose of introducing the active enzymes, Ganoderma, from the Lingzhi Mushroom- a super potent type of Asian mushroom. Bernardo Chua learned about this powerful fungus because of Chinese ancestors who revealed their knowledge of this ancient mushroom through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The company founded by Chua, Organo Gold, is a multi-level network marketing company that specializes in placing Ganoderma, the organic version, inside coffees, supplements, teas and personal care products. A success on both the supplement front and the MLM front, Chua’s company has received numerous accolades for being progressive and innovative.

According to Crunchbase, Bernardo Chua is active on social media and can be messaged through a variety of outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. On the Crunchbase site, Chua offers background information as well as selfies and social photos taken at an event that Chua had attended.

An in-depth review of Chua can be found at the personal website with the domain name being-

Chua, originally from the Phillippines, is recognized by fellow business leaders for providing consumers with access to a holistic, natural, superfood product and for leading innovation throughout the MLM space as well. In a press release published by Market Watch, the recent success of Chua’s company into Turkey was detailed.

Chua has also been awarded the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal and a Dangalng Byan Award, as well as the top direct sales company in food supplements. Chau currently is the five-time winner of the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.