How people’s perspective of marathon pharmaceuticals changed

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is a company in the USA which focuses on the development of drugs, especially for those diseases that are rare in society. They work towards providing a hope, in terms of treatment, for the people who have no alternative treatment in society. They can be said to be a medical organization, but it is also bent towards being humanitarian. (thepharmaletter)

According to the company, that was only the first among the major approvals that the company expects to gain from the FDA. Their research and development teams are working hard to ensure they can provide more solutions to the society.

Being in Chicago, the company has better statistics of the people affected by the rare diseases and is in a better position to be of assistance than other avenues that previously supplied the drugs they now make available to the society.

After a lot of research, they were able to come up with the drug. Their mission, though unspoken, become evident at this period. Very well knowing that they could be able to gain so many profits from sales and marketing of the drugs, they sold the drug to another company, so that they could be able to market it and increase its availability to people in the country. This was viewed as being very humanitarian. This totally changed the perspective of the people in the company. that is why they were able to get so much support when they were having issues with the company in Europe which had previously been exporting the drugs to the USA.