Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together

A recent study has just shown that over ninety percent of the students in the United States are using ClassDojo and other technology based application for daily learning. This form of studying have been used in the world for years, but they became extremely popular because of the healthcare pandemic in the society. Getting ordinary education became tough because of the spreading viral disease. Healthcare officials began to advocate for safer options for students, regardless of their class. Since the online classes kicked off, ClassDojo managed to register some of the highest participants since it was launched into the global market years ago. ClassDojo offers numerous benefits to everyone involved in the education section.

Students: It goes without saying that student participate better in their class work when their parents and guardians are perfectly involved. Academic success has taken a new position because of the presence of the parents in education. Everyone using the online learning tools is getting so much support from home and from the teachers. The intelligence levels among the students have gone extremely high too.

Benefits to the teachers: Educators are crucial in the lives of the students. With effective teacher and parent communication, the outcome is always excellent. The teachers value the parents involvement because they are valuable tools in the life of their young children. The learning environment at home is facilitated by the parents, giving the teacher less difficulties.

Benefits to the parents: The modern society makes parents too busy to get to the school and know what goes on. with virtual learning, most of the students are home in the company of the parents, so the parents get to assist their children and bond. Many parents are happier when they are aware of their children weakness and strengths in the classroom. This way, the parent knows when to offer support to the child.

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