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LifeWave is a health technology company that has had some time in the spotlight because of the patented phototherapy patches it produces.

These patented phototherapy patches were originally designed with the intent of increasing the energy of Navy soldiers in submarines, but David Schmidt, CEO, and Founder of LifeWave saw an opportunity to take his product public.

This Energy Enhancer Patch can interact with the human body to naturally increase the production of energy by using reflected wavelengths of light.

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This method of energy production is particularly useful since other means to achieve these results would involve the usage of harmful drugs, something that can even cause negative health results down the line.

Naturally, when talking about LifeWave, there is a need to talk about Schmidt and his experience with product development.

Before Schmidt worked on his health patch, he created bladeless turbines and a combustion rocket engine.

His innovative designs and ideas eventually landed him in the Navy’s crosshairs and ultimately led to the creation of his patented phototherapy patches.

Schmidt is a highly educated individual that has not stopped inventing even after the mass success of his energy-patented phototherapy patches and has gone on to develop a vastly improved patch, the patented X39 patch.

This particular LifeWave product is uniquely amazing since it can activate the innate stem cells in the body for several functions such as pain relief and even accelerated wound healing.

Schmidt has stated that his focus in life is to help people live longer lives and to be able to enjoy that longer life by staying younger.

To say that he has made advances in that goal would be a severe understatement to his work on LifeWave.

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