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Dallas-based restaurant Dickey’s BBQ, having opened their first location 80 years ago and with over 500 nationwide franchises and with several international franchises, has demonstrated a high-degree of proficiency when it comes to dealing with the pandemic environment that has closed so many food-service businesses over the last two years.

The first rstaurant was called the “Green Top Barbecue” and it served food out of a building where they did cater on the side. Over time, word spread of this delicious barbecue and soon there were lines out the door. People did not have menus to order off of or anything like that, so the restaurant did everything they could to give these customers what they wanted.

Family-owned and operated since the start, Dickey’s BBQ Franchise has shown that good old-fashioned hard-work combined with an astute understanding of the digital age and how to leverage technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and ensure the continuation of sales through incorporation of alternative methodologies to keep the kitchen open has combined to create one of the most successful systems in the restaurant business today.

While other franchises, as well as mom and pops, have failed in record numbers during the Covid-19 fiasco – Dickeys Franchise Guarantee has experienced great success over the last two years because of their willingness and skill in adopting modern, digital technologies such as the buy online and pickup in store business model. This popular method had been seen among grocery stores even prior to the pandemic and wasn’t, typically, seen in the prepared food industry.

However, Dickeys saw that there was a lot of potential with this and food delivery apps such as, Uber Eats and Grubhub, and was quick to leverage the new technology and business model in order to continue growth during this difficult time period. With their ability to adapt to changing markets, Dickeys continues to be a great bet for investors looking to get into the food industry.

Dickey’s is an American owned and operated restaurant chain that calls Dallas, Texas home and is operated as a subsidiary of parent company, Dickey’s Capital Group. Since being established in 1941 by Travis Dickey, it has become the most successful barbecue franchise in the USA and continues to experience unprecedented growth and success far in excess of what the founder had ever hoped possible. Refer to this page for additional information.


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