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Dr. Barry Lall is the CEO and President of Pinnacle Hotels USA. The San Diego, California-based entrepreneur currently runs 26 hotels across the US. His success is due to his refusal to give up on his dream of becoming a successful businessman despite pursuing a lucrative career as a physician.

Dr. Barry Lall was born in Nyasaland in South-Eastern Africa. His father, a schoolteacher moved his family to Zambia and started a clothing store. The teenaged Dr. Bharat Lall helped his father in the store often managing the store by himself and started dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur. His family impressed on him the importance of getting a stable career as a professional and he chose to study medicine. He completed his pre-med studies in England and completed medicine in Scotland. He later moved to the United States with his family and worked as a physician. He read an ad in the paper where a 12 room motor lodge was for sale. He bought the run-down lodge and transformed it into a welcoming hotel. He soon learned the hotel business and with the help of partners acquired other underperforming hotels and became a successful hotelier.

Dr. Barry Lall worked as a family physician at the Kaiser Hospital in Chula Vista, California. After his initial success with a small hotel near a US Navy base in Coronado, he formed a company with two friends and began buying depressed properties and making them successful hotels. His company, Pinnacle Hotels currently has over 400 employees. He is a caring entrepreneur and supports the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Trust Fund, the San Diego Public Library and, the San Diego State University.

Dr. Barry Lall gave up a successful medical practice to become a successful entrepreneur. He is a classic example of a successful entrepreneur who refused to give up on his dreams.

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