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While serving as the instigator and the managing director of communication and telecoms companies, Haroldo Jacobovicz thrives on introducing a technology transformational world. Jacobovicz established the Horizons Data Center and the Horizons Telecom. These are technology companies dedicated to transforming the technology landscape through utilizing the available resources and talents.

Since when Jacobovicz was young, he realized the potential of technology in transforming businesses. After graduating from the University, Jacobovicz called upon some of his University friends who were also computer wizards. They then co-founded a technology company going with the name Microsystem. This company was mainly meant to help businesses in their inventory management activities and financial management.

However, this company did not succeed since businesses, by the time we’re not ready to adopt the technology. Haroldo Jacobovicz never counted this as a loss, but instead, he got a chance to source valuable lessons and kept believing that the upcoming companies will adopt the technology. He later got an opportunity to work with another technology firm known as Esso.

Jacobovicz was promoted to different ranks following his excellent leadership ability and became a market analyst and also the managing director of commercial strategy matters courtesy of Esso. This brought him into the limelight. He got an opportunity to work for other companies serving in different positions, such as working as a financial assessor for a financial firm in Brazil.

All the companies that Haroldo Jacobovicz instigated have greatly impacted many people’s lives in different parts of the world. The Horizons Telecom is serving as the technology hotspot offering technology services across Brazil. After the number of clients overwhelmed the Horizons Telecom, Jacobovicz launched the Horizons Datacenter.

The company serves as a backup plan and provides cloud computing services to Brazil and other parts of the world. Haroldo Jacobovicz has transformed the technology sector of Brazil and the world in general. To know more click: here.