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The consulting firm, K4 Global, is a major player in today’s economic scene. The company, based in London, is led by its founder, Joseph Ashford Ellis. He has strong views about the future of marketing. According to Joseph Ashford Ellis, content is now a much more important aspect of marketing than advertising.

Companies that contribute to the greater good of society will tend to be prosperous in the future, according to the K4 Global founder. Joseph Ashford Ellis believes that his company’s stance on social justice issues is a valuable part of the organization’s mission. However, he does not suggest that every company must tackle controversial issues in order to remain relevant. Instead, companies should stand for something and give back to communities. Companies that find a way to connect with customers will succeed over those companies that do not and more

One of the ways companies get their message out today is through a focus on a unique selling point. Capitalizing on something as simple as price or exclusivity can mean standing out in a crowded business field. Companies that do not follow this advice can overwhelm potential customers, thus losing valuable business.


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Another key area of entrepreneurial success is networking with other entrepreneurs. London entrepreneur Joseph Ashford Ellis recommends building relationships with key peers. This can present unexpected benefits in the future. Joseph Ashford Ellis also suggests a strong social media presence. In order to navigate the behemoth social media landscape, business leaders must test messaging while asking for honest feedback. As customers learn that their concerns are taken into account, trust is earned by the company. A new area of marketing is the possibility of enlisting the services of social media influencers. Paying social media starts to promote a company’s products is a great way to gain new customers and more