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The IM Academy is preowned for selling digital educational products/services. The items primarily revolve around equipping learners with knowledge on how to trade in foreign exchange. Learners are trained virtually via interactive content, while extra support is derived from the app-based and pre-recorded materials.

The IM Academy Journey

IM Academy was created by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre in 2013. It is currently based in New York City (US), and it provides education and learning opportunities regarding successful own trading. The IM Academy operates on a subscription basis, and its objective is to ensure learners access valuable interactive training in equipping them with skills necessary for their own trading. There are about 225000 subscribers of the IM Academy products and services across the world today.

Unlike most companies, the IM Academy was created based on the remote working technique. Employees primarily work away from the office, which helps cut the costs associated with physical offices and maintenance. Hiring talent free of geographical limitations is also a significant step that prepared the company for future challenges such as COVID-19 disruptions. The IM Academy has proven to be ideal for most challenges that came with the pandemic ranging from the need to work from home to emergency orders due to a global workforce.


The IM Academy offers products in the form of learning modules referred to as academies. The academies are classified into four categories as listed below:

  • FRX
  • HFX
  • DCX
  • ECX

The training programs are available to the learners on the IM Academy website— website.

Aside from the above, you can also get the Elite package, a discounted option comprising the FRX, HFX, and DCX academies. Instead of buying single programs, you can save your money by going for the Elite package, which costs 54% for the initial subscription and 48% for the subsequent monthly subscriptions. Go here for additional information.


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