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James Gutierrez Believes To Fix A Broken System You Need To Start In The Middle

There has always been a wealth gap in America. However, COVID-19 seems to have opened some people’s eyes that have not already been open. People are getting tired of the wealth gap in the United States. James Gutierrez believes that instead of waiting for the government to fix the system, it is possible to work with the middle and go up. Companies who care can help to improve and stabilize the lives of those who live in low-income communities while reaching out to the government to make changes in regulations.

Gutierrez points out that it is expensive to be poor. People with low income who do not have a credit score or have poor credit have to pay more for loans. They have to pay more for insurance. This way of doing business leads to hardships and high rates of loan defaults. James Gutierrez founded Oportun to get around the system that was keeping them down.

Though everyone was hit by COVID-19, the minority communities were hit the hardest. Both white and minorities lost their jobs during the peak of the pandemic. However, the recovery rate has not been equal. Whites are getting their jobs back, while minorities are still losing theirs. However, that is just part of the problem. The health impact on the minority communities has been devastating. The problems are only escalating because most of these families are unable to secure life insurance. To help fix this problem, James Gutierrez is in the process of developing a new mobile platform. The platform will help provide insurance and banking opportunities to underserved communities.

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