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Jason Hope has an MBA from the W. P. School of Business, a very prominent college. He is a well-known entrepreneur and also has a gift of being able to make predictions when it comes to future technologies. He is very well known to be an avid activist investor and also takes pride in doing charitable work for others. The successful entrepreneur Jason Hope has lots of intriguing thoughts on future technologies, and people love to hear about what he has to say.


Jason Hope


The Internet of Things has become very popular worldwide. Jason has predicted that devices that are fairly common to be optimized to surroundings will continue to expand and become groundbreaking technology. Activist investor Jason Hope also predicts that everything will become connected in the near future. Everything from business to personal life will be affected. 


This technology will not only help us with their homes but also Healthcare. This advancement will allow us to have a longer life. In 2010 Jason gave a sizable contribution to the SENS Research Foundation. Ever since then, Jason Hope has continued to reach out to this organization to add to their contribution. The SENS Foundation is studying and curing the aging process. To be more specific, the SENS Research Foundation is focused on diseases and illnesses that are caused by aging. They do this by advancing their rejuvenation biotechnology. With the backing of Jason and The Internet of Things, the improvement of life will continue to advance. The end goal will be to advance the lives of others in the near future.

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