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Jessica Dean is a lawyer that specializes in consumer plaintiff law. This means that she helps people who have suffered injury and loss due to using an unsafe product. In fact, Jessica Dean and her firm have made a name for themselves continually for helping their clients win millions of dollars in cases like failing to warn about asbestos dangers. In one particular case, she won over 30 million dollars for her client where asbestos had resulted in wrongful death.

Along with the partners and associates at her firm, Jessica Dean offers a free case consultation to those who are interested. In the case where potential clients have become injured or picked up a disease or other malady through no fault of their own but instead because of the incompetence of others, damages may be awarded. Asbestos exposure is only one example of this, but there could be others.

Regardless, it’s important to have a lawyer like Jessica Dean on your side when trying to litigate these cases. She has awards including being included on a list of the top 500 consumer patient lawyers. In order to win against giant corporations, who have their own entire legal teams, you need one of your own. The one for Jessica is called DOBS, and they have quite a lot of experience among their ranks with helping clients receive the funds they are owed due to the negligence and poor acting on the part of some of these corporations that mass produce items.