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Mr. Khattab is CEO of Precision MD, a firm he founded in 2012. Precision M.D. is thought to employ around 18 and 20 people, giving Khattab a household name in the cosmetic procedures field. More than just another well-known entrepreneur and professional, Khattab has spent the majority of the last several decades establishing his dream career in California.

Starting from scratch, Mahmoud Khattab built Precision M.D. in Elk Grove, California.

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Starting a business from the bottom up

Immigrant Mahmoud Khattab, a Syrian medical student from Damascus, wanted to put his education and experience to use in the United States. Following his graduation from high school, Khattab enrolled at the world-renowned Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.

Khattab aspired to a career in medicine, but he also desired to get something more fulfilling, like spreading happiness to the lives of other people. In an interview, Khattab said that plastic surgery “usually” makes people happy.

When discussing Precision M.D.’s spectacular rise under Mahmoud Khattab, we tend to overlook how far the company has come from its foundation. Mahmoud Khattab says, “Fortunately, I was able to procure the required equipment. I hired every single one of the workers. On my part, it’s all a labor of love.”

Precision M.D. was not created overnight. Each successive leasing office was larger than the one before it. According to Khattab, “We come to the point where frankly, we were growing out of space.”

In no time, Khattab will realize that his business had legs. All parties involved benefitted greatly from substantial investment at the project’s inception.. According to Khattab’s comments in a recent interview, “It had a floor area of 13,000 square feet and a price tag of $6 million. It took a long time to complete because it was so difficult for me.”

Get your hands dirty!

For others, starting a business entails putting money down and then standing back to watch it grow. A more practical experience approach is Mahmoud Khattab’s preferred mode of operation. Khattab told Ideamensch, “I have to handle the job daytime – it’s a very hectic profession, it needs a lot of effort to run it effectively.”

Khattab isn’t wasting any time in pointing out that if starting a successful medical business was simple, it seemed like more people would do it. Khattab prefers to focus on the most important aspects of his business to surmount some of the difficulties he encounters on a daily basis. To ensure that his customers are satisfied, Khattab works tirelessly. According to Khattab’s own words, “I look at how I can enhance both the business as a whole and lives of my clients and workers,”