David McDonald: Why OSI Group has been an international success

Not one to sing his praises, David McDonald, the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, lets success be his ambassador. Given his milestone achievements with the internationally acknowledged food company, he would make a mellow melody from touting his success, but McDonald knows better. According to the young president, OSI Group has been largely superior to their competitors because of the family values that the multi-national food company upholds and adheres to. David McDonald says that the culture at OSI Group is such that, they would no manufacture products that they would not recommend to their families.

It is the norm of OSI Group to treat their customers and employees as one big family that they are fully committed to, and that means manufacturing food products that exceed their customer’s expectations. David McDonald adds that the fact they are a private company goes a long way in swift decision making, which ensures OSI Group never lags behind because of administration bottlenecks. The COO says that the blueprint of OSI’s success is in their ability to adapt to change and blend into the consumer’s culture and also the strategic partnerships that the company has forged.

As David McDonald says, this has enabled OSI to make vital acquisitions while also establishing new facilities in different parts of the globe. This is the kind of attitude and outlook that has enabled OSI Group to be successful in China; a country where many foreign companies have failed to prosper. McDonald says it is through patience, striking strategic partnerships and cultivating trust with their Chinese clientele, that OSI Group has made a breakthrough in the Asian country where competition is cut-throat. Visit their website: http://officialdavidmcdonald.com/

About David McDonald

David is a native of Iowa, a state that has made him what he is today; a gentleman and a scholar. His passion for animals that he developed growing up in his parents farm, saw him pursue Animal Science at Iowa State University (ISU) . So dedicated was McDonald to his degree studies and to ISU , that he was awarded the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award , upon his completion of studies. A young McDonald would seek work at OSI Group where he started as a junior manager but his exceptional work ethics and commitment steadily saw him rise through the ranks to his current position as the president and COO of OSI Group.

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A Look Into Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Extensive Career

A prominent name in the beauty industry, Dan Bethelmy-Rada paired his progressive ideals with his diverse outlooks in hopes of ascending through the ranks of his domain. Currently the DMI General Manager of the L’Oreal Professional Products Division, Bethelmy-Rada’s lofty ambitions materialized. With Bethelmy-Rada’s great honor comes great responsibility. A man of tremendous resolve, Bethelmy-Rada relishes the grand duties that fall under his umbrella. In essence, Bethelmy-Rada is responsible for driving novel ideas to the forefront, creating unparalleled marketing paradigms, and monitoring up-and-coming trends. His expertise and moxie ensure that he excels on all these fronts.

Lauded for his refreshing perspectives, Bethelmy-Rada is a visionary to the core. He attributes his open-mindedness to his travels. A keen admirer of Europe, Bethelmy-Rada’s traveled all around the globe in pursuit of varied definitions of what’s considered beautiful. During his travels, Bethelmy-Rada discovered that there’s no yardstick for beauty and that it’s an elusive concept that will perpetually evolve. In the hopes of feeding his creative appetite, Bethelmy-Rada took up photography during his explorations. According to Bethelmy-Rada, photography helps him find “beauty in undervalued and underestimated places and subjects.” Photography is now one of his favorite pastimes.

When he’s not thriving at the helm of L’Oreal, Bethelmy-Rada’s honing his entrepreneurial skills. Bethelmy-Rada subscribes to the notion that any entrepreneur worth their salt has mastered a harmonious work-life balance. It’s for this reason why Bethelmy-Rada dedicates ample time to his doting husband and precious children. In fact, they spend each morning together catching up and sending one another off for the day. From there, Bethelmy-Rada enjoys alone time as it allows his creative juices to flow. Above all else, Bethelmy-Rada is a well-rounded family man of noble values. As his career continues to evolve, Bethelmy-Rada hopes to maintain the honorable repute he currently holds.

Why Do OSI Group And McDonald’s Make Such Good Partners?

The OSI Group McDonald’s collaboration has been going on for decades. These are two of the largest food companies in the world, and they help each other grow every day. Look at what happened when these companies came together to help grow an industry that has exploded since they came on the scene.

1. Why The OSI Group McDonalds Collaboration?

The OSI Group McDonalds collaboration started when Ray Kroc took over the McDonald’s chains from the McDonalds brothers. The company needed to have a better food supplier, and they turned to OSI Group. OSI Group was able to supply food for all the restaurants that McDonald’s was opening, and the collaboration took off quickly because they were helping each other.

2. What Is OSI Group?

OSI Group was a butcher’s shop before the OSI Group McDonalds collaboration. This was a simple business run by a man and his sons, and they grew into food supplying because they had unique connections in the industry. The company was growing on its own when they made a deal with McDonalds to supply all their restaurants with the products that they needed.

3. How Have The Companies Grown?

Both companies have grown many times over because they have been able to profit from this partnership. The OSI Group McDonalds collaboration allowed OSI Group to become one of the biggest food companies in the whole world, and it helped McDonald’s grow into the faster food chain that people know today. This partnership is a good example for the companies who want to find industry partners, and it should be studied by people who are trying to grow their own businesses.

4. Conclusion

There are many people who will find that they can work out a deal like OSI Group and McDonalds have. This is a good study for anyone who wants to grow their business, but it also gives hope to companies that need to order food products every day. Someone who is trying to get food for their church, school, or cafeteria can work with OSI Group because the company has the most competitive prices around.

For details: www.osigroup.com/about-us/company-timeline/

Sunday Riley: Quality Skin Care Packed With Effective Active Ingredients

It would seem challenging to believe that Sunday Riley ever began with a meager marketing budget given how incredibly popular the fairly new skin care company has become; however, starting with virtually no money set aside from marketing was one of the realistic challenges that Sunday Riley, owner and product formulator, faced when launching her company. The best form of marketing when the budget is low is social media, so Sunday Riley got its biggest source of product buzz from there starting when the brand was in its infancy.

Sunday Riley is a company that set out to bring useful yet fun products to consumers that were good for the body and simultaneously good for the environment. The high quality skin care creations offer a high percentage of active ingredients that truly provide a noticeable effect. While some individuals are initially a bit taken aback by the retail price, those who know the true cost of the highly effective active ingredients understand that this skin care line is actually quite affordable for the products it contains.

In general, one of the most often heard complaints about skin care is a lack of trust in the product. This is commonly due to flashy branding and false claims in conjunction with over-inflated pricing of products which do not contain a high enough percentage of active ingredients to be able to accomplish what they may claim. Sunday Riley is determined to be the antithesis of this, as product affordability and value is one of the biggest key factors for the company owner and formulator.

One of the line’s most popular products, Luna Sleeping Night Oil, is a retinol-packed richly blue colored oil that contains an anti-inflammatory which gives it the blue color. While it does retail for $105, those who know skin care are likely to recognize that retinol is a pricey and effective key ingredient. Retinol is known for unveiling smoother skin and creating a more even skin tone. Individuals struggling with dark spots, large pores, acne, and clogged pores often report fantastic results from retinol treatments.

U.S. Money Reserve Launching Coin To Honor Former President Ronald Reagan

As you may know, former President Ronald Reagan has done much for our country. He had an era like none other and his presidency was a special one. U.S. Money Reserve, a company that specializes in rare and precious metals has announced that they are releasing a special coin that will honor former president Ronald Reagan. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/why-buy-gold/

This announcement has created a sense of joy and happy feeling for everyone who understands this concept of honoring, including some fine folks who attended an awards dinner recently. Although the dinner had nothing to do with the announcement of the Ronald Reagan coin, other projects were talked about openly.

U.S. Money Reserve attended the Lone Sailor Award Dinner which was held in Washington D.C. This is a program held by the United States Navy’s Memorial Foundation. This is a dinner that is held every season and many of the higher ups of the company show up and have a great time.

U.S. Reserve started to work with this elite group back in 2016 when they released their Pearl Harbor series of collective coins. It has been a winning situation for both parties ever since.

If you don’t know about U.S. Money Reserve, they are a private distributor of United States government coins. These coins are made from metals like gold, silver and platinum. The company has been growing strong since 2001 with customers from all over the nation.

Everyone can collect precious metals that come in the forms of U.S. coins. In essence when you buy from U.S. Money Reserve you are converting paper money to gold. Those coins can rise in both market and numismatic value at any time. One of the many things that people love about U.S. Money Reserve is that you don’t have to be an amazing coin collector or have a small truck load of money to get involved.

You simply go to the company website and have a look around. Once you find coin sets you love, you add them to your cart and place your order. U.S. Money Reserve will send your collectable coins direct to you at any location you like. This means you can have them delivered to your house, work place or even your office.

Imagine the feeling of showing your coin collection to everyone, it’s a great feeling. People enjoy collecting coins because it is fun and easy to share your hobby with other people.

OSI Food Solutions Sets the Pace in the Hospitality Industry

OSI Food Solutions is an American company that specializes in the hospitality industry producing and distributing quality food to restaurants in the retail market and other food companies. The company has many branches in the United States and has employed scores of people. OSI Food Company focuses on consumers’ tastes and preferences in their production department to ensure that products meet and exceed the expectation of many clients. The company has an excellent reputation and has established its brand over the years as the premier company in the manufacture and processing of fast foods.

The Expansion of OSI Food Solutions

The company has a management team that focused on efficient delivery of tasks through coordination of its several production departments. The company aims to expand operations in many countries in Europe and drive up sales. The company’s expansion program started in 2016 where it announced the purchase of Baho Foods Company. Baho Foods have subsidiaries with processing companies in Germany and the Netherlands and has been distributing convenience foods and deli meat across Europe. The acquisition of the company comes in line with its effort to meet their customers’ demand in an extended region in Europe.

The company also acquired Tyson Foods-a company with operation in Chicago. Tyson Foods has food processing plants in Chicago that specialize in processing and distribution of meatballs and chicken products. OSI Food Solutions also purchased another company in the United Kingdom to penetrate Britain’s market. Flagship Europe company was acquired to increase the dominance of OSI Food Solutions in the region and increase the distribution of food products to the food service industries in the UK. OSI Group has a team of dedicated employees who strive to create value for the products that they offer. The chief executive officer points out that the success the company has achieved over the years is attributed to research-based innovations that seek to find solutions to the people’s needs.

Awards and recognition

OSI Industries has won prestigious awards and earned recognition in honor of their commitment to producing quality products that meet the customers’ needs. The British Safety Council presented the firm with a prestigious Globe of Honor award for 2016. The company received the award for their excellence in the management of environmental hazards.

Best Teething Remedies Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Parenting today is no piece of cake. There are so many products on the market claiming to help colic and cure teething pain; it can be difficult to determine the right course of action when seeking help for a child.


Teething is one of the most challenging times for both child and parent. Parent’s want to find something that will help provide relief for baby. Many teething suggestions range from placing ice on the gums, teething toys, and some have even rubbed alcohol on a babies gum to provide them with some relief.

Hyland’s teething tablets can help ease the pain.

Some of the tricks listed above may soothe an infant who is experiencing mild teething pain. But what is a parent to do when nothing will make their child feel better and rest comfortably? Well, that is where Hyland’s tablets can help. A company with over 100 years of providing not only naturally safe and gentle products but one with a reputation for supporting families throughout the development process. Hyland’s is a family-owned company that dedicates itself to promoting health and wellness for families everywhere.


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets work when teething toys and ice just aren’t cutting it (no pun intended). Hyland’s is one of the leading homeopathic companies in North America. Contributing to consumer health and wellness by providing science-based remedies designed for children. Hyland’s tablets contain the best possible ingredients without harsh chemicals or additives found in some children’s oral care products.


Hyland’s tablets offer a reasonable solution to that nagging teething pain experienced by babies. They provide relief and dissolve instantly in the child’s mouth, so don’t let the fact that they are tablets scare you. These tablets are specifically designed to be easy for baby and mommy alike.


Don’t stay awake another night, rocking back and forth in a chair attempting to soothe your teething child. Let Hyland’s help you help your child and put that teething pain to rest for good.

OSI Group’s Success in the United States

In the current consumer market, there are a number of businesses available from different industries and each of these businesses have their own different challenges that they face. In food business, despite it being a good idea to invest in, in our today times, it still has its own challenges. From running a local food business to a global company, you can agree that it takes alot of hardwork will be put in place.

OSI Group McDonalds, is a good example of a global company that we can have a look at. Formed a number of decades ago, OSI has faced a number of challenges as a food supplier. However, with well calculated strategies, you can easily be on top of your competitors and one of its effective strategies is maintaining a good customer relation.

Any food or food product you wish to produce as a form of business should first ensure it seeks approval the approval of the public and that is why OSI Group McDonalds has its nature based on its local people. What’s meant by this is, before they go ahead and produce a product that will go global, they first seek reviews from its local people. It is a good business strategy to a food company such OSI Group McDonalds to help them produce a quality product for its consumers.

OSI Group, is a global food company that has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. When the company initially started, it was supposed to focus on the people of America community, something local at a regional level. However, things went on well for a couple of decades and currently it is among one of the most successful food companies we have. It now has outlets in more that 17 countries and its success has helped improve economies of their members.

The success of OSI Group McDonalds goes beyond decades when they initially started. A good example of a food outlet that has benefited from using food products from OSI Group, we have is MacDonald.

McDonald ia a food company that is well known for its sweet hamburgers. The two both started at a local level, with their interests mainly focused on their communities. Comparing then to now, with the impact they have been able to make, they are one of the most successful food companies we now have that are both at a local and international level. It is all made possible thanks to their hard work and years of determination.


The Prosperity of Gareth Henry in The Financial World

Gareth became the director of strategic solutions of Schroders after graduating with a degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. This prepared him for life in the world of finance. Through the incorporation of actuarial knowledge and skills in building relationships, it moved him to the top of the finance world and allowed him to great success with insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds.

Through his deep understanding of finance and amalgamating it with passion, Henry quickly prospered in reaching the head of investor relations and global head of IR at the industry of large fortress investment group. Based on his experience, Gareth has gone beyond his formal education to a path of the world of hedge funds and private equity. Visit their website at garethhenry.com

Through Gareth Henry’s significant global relationships, he offered AG the chance to build and harden an investor relations foundation across the US. Gareth Henry believes that taking up the activity develops an opportunity to drive the cornerstone services. Besides, he knows that for him to improve in his work, he should always search for help from his mentors and peers.

In his understanding of the business of boosting capital, Gareth Henry says that it is highly competitive and to be ahead of others, he approaches his twenty mentors of whom who have different expertise in different fields. Accepting to be supported in leadership roles Gareth explained that it required a lot of humbleness. His success has been made possible by adopting ways and techniques of other successful people but in a new way.

Through his education in the fundamentals of finance, Gareth Henry has been acknowledged by his peers as an epitome in the field of raising capital. Human expertise is considered a pigeonholed in this narrowly defined speciality, and Gareth possesses it while dealing with day to day challenges. He has been accorded a good reputation in conveying great returns across strategies and marketplace.

Gareth Henry advises that for individuals who want to be successful in their careers, they should not be distracted by every new technology but should instead prioritize their customers.

Learn More: https://angel.co/gareth-j-henry



Virgin Invests in Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline

Richard Branson might be best known in travel for his supersonic jets, but he has recently decided on a different mode of transportation. One of his newest business moves includes teaming up with Fortress Investment Group and their railroad out of Florida known as Brightline. Brightline is the first intercity passenger train in more than a century that was privately funded in the United States.

Right now the passenger train company owned by Fortress Investment Group operates routes between West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Once the deal is complete, Brightline will be remarketed to Virgin Trains USA and will have access to the marketing prowess that Virgin is so well known for. This expertise and branding will continue for any projects in the future with the company as well. They will be making a relatively small investment in the rail service and will have a stake in the company. More Business News at businesswire.com

Last year, Wes Edens, co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, met with Richard Branson at their station in Miami that had just recently been opened. During this time they discussed expanding the rail line across the nation, according to Bloomberg News. Amtrak has had a monopoly on train travel and is subsidized by the federal government. With the Brightline project, they are hoping to make train travel profitable again. It’s a huge bet, but with the help of Virgin and Richard Branson, it may very well pay off in the end.

There are plans in the works for Brightline to expand to the cities of Tampa and Orlando. Next year, they will begin constructing a line between Southern California and Las Vegas. The route is a very popular one for both tourists and locals and Fortress Investment Group hopes that people will consider using their services instead of waiting in traffic or dealing with airport security. Once they finish their acquisition of the company XpressWest and get the approval they need from the government, they will start construction on the project. These cities are just the beginning as Wes Edens has stated that they are considering stops at Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, St. Louis, and Atlanta.

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