Neil Douglas Reilly

putting it all together

Engineers at PosiGen perform a detailed mathematical examination on each home before offering a solar program. We will only recommend that you lease solar panels if it is determined you will save money. For instance, if you proceed with a $60 lease for solar panels, PosiGen will assure you that, on average, every month, you will save more than $60. This will ensure you can easily pay for the monthly leasing fee associated with solar panels.


We’re not the only place you can find a good deal. Currently, other local authorities are also offering incentives. For instance, Connecticut Green Bank. Up to now, it provides coverage for a fraction of the cost of leasing PosiGen solar panels for homeowners.


PosiGen has pledged to help save you money with solar panels. Electricity bills are confusing. They are hard to figure out. The average person probably doesn’t know how they are combined, what is included, and why costs vary from month to month. It seems as though the electricity providers don’t want to share information.

There is a difference with solar power from PosiGen solar power firm. There are explanations for how the system works, how it can help save money, and the process for getting it installed. PosiGen pledges to help save you money with solar panels.