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Dr. Leen Kawas co-founded M3 Biotechnology, now Athira Pharma.

She is a prominent entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical industry.

The quality of her inventions is a direct result of the quality of data from clinical trials, which is unfortunately not always as complete as she needs it to be.

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She talks more about how to rethink the standards for more effective studies.

Emphasis on Recruitment 

During the recruitment stage, medical and clinical teams need to review how well each patient fits the criteria for participation.

Yet too often, patients are asked to participate because it’s convenient for researchers.

Dr. Leen Kawas says that while this can be tempting, the outcome will only be viable if the patients truly fit the criteria for participation in the trial.

Ongoing Collaboration 

If medical teams and clinical teams are unclear about the details of the trials, a disconnect that occurs quite often, the data will reflect their misalignment.

If they’re not keeping in touch during every phase, there’s going to be too much information in one area, not enough in another, and potentially even a complete disregard for the primary purpose of the study.

Dr. Kawas recommends strict rules for staying in touch and constant confirmation that everyone’s on the same track.

These aren’t the only ways to solve some of the data inconsistencies, but they can go a long way toward fixing the problems.

For instance, better communication between teams can ensure that the questions asked of patients occur throughout the trial (instead of at the end) and that the information collected from patients is relevant to a pharma developer.

As someone who relies on that information, Dr. Kawas believes that improvements are critical.

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