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In route of the upcoming 2026 World Cup, Robert Kraft has already planned the possibility of hosting it at Gillette Stadium by having the grass surface reinstalled like at Foxboro. Gillette Stadium remains a favorite among 17 others that will be downgraded to 11 in the near future. Gillette is an older structure but already has adequate seating with others making modifications to hold such an audience. It is imperative that all the rules and conditions are met.

Robert Kraft is known for holding the honorary chair of the 2026 World Cup United Bid Group. The New England Patriots owner is looking forward to the possibility of hosting the games at Gillette Stadium. The owner did hold the 1994 match with Italy and Spain there.

Montagliani, the president of CONCACAF, stated how Gillette remains a key strong candidate to hold the 2026 World Cup. Many more teams will be involved in the upcoming event. In addition, the World Cup will be held in three countries. Some modifications would have to be met, according to a blog post from Enki Sports, for Gillette Stadium to host the 2026 World Cup.

Robert Kraft believes soccer builds a sense of community just like American football but on a much wider scale. Many watch the World Cup across the globe. Kraft is the owner of the NFL franchise New England Patriots and he is also the founder, chairman, and CEO of The Kraft Group, a company surrounded around his professional pursuits.

Kraft is from Brookline, Mass and attended college at Columbia University. He also earned a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard Business School. The owner is regarded for his philanthropic actions and work with charities, non-profits, and other causes. Robert Kraft is also a trustee of Boston College and Columbia University. Go here for additional information.


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